5 Tips for Computer Spring Cleaning

The debris of regular computer usage clutters your workspace and slows performance. Improve efficiency and extend hardware life with a little computer spring cleaning. Ah, it’s spring! That means apple blossoms and hay fever, gardening and spring cleaning. Do yourself a favor this year. Start your cleanup campaign where you will notice it the most: your computer. Play soothing music, grab a cup of liquid motivation, flex those typing muscles and start your computer spring cleaning. Run Disk Cleanup Windows comes with a handy tool to remove temporary files and other unimportant data. You might be surprised at how much…


Mark O’Brien – FNOLAW

eMazzanti has provided computer support to my firm for approximately eight years.  They are extremely knowledgeable and fairly priced given the high-end level of service they provide.  However, they are also long-term partners.  They think strategically about your individual business (large or small) and how they can enhance your productivity and ultimate profitability by providing computer products (hardware and software) tailored to your needs.  Their personnel are also courteous and punctual problem-solvers.  This is a 5-star operation that will be an asset to your team.