Why Upgrade to Windows 10 Discussed on Voice of Manhattan Business Program

Carl Mazzanti previews the coming Microsoft OS, urging professional assistance to keep technologies current on VMB blogtalkradio program March 25, 2015

windows10Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (Vocus) April 2, 2015 — eMazzanti Technologies CEO, Carl Mazzanti, presented the benefits of upgrading to Windows 10 and other new Microsoft products as he discussed, “What’s New in Technology and How to Simplify Staying Current” on the popular blogtalkradio program VMB, The Voice of Manhattan Business, sponsored by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. He also urged business leaders to seek professional assistance when upgrading their technology. The program aired at Noon (EST) on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

Listen to the recorded program online.

Mazzanti offered comparisons to cars, navigation tech and fast food slogans as he shared practical advice and information for business leaders who may be considering office technology upgrades.

Mazzanti’s comments were praised by the host, Bill Hurwitz, as being “a wealth of information” for business.

The program began with questions about Windows 10 and what happened to Windows 9. Explaining Microsoft’s innovation and release procedures, Mazzanti cited changes in society, such as the growing ineffectiveness of passwords in an environment with omni-present video cameras, as driving the facial recognition sign-on technology coming in Windows 10.

“Wherever you are today, some camera is recording your finger strokes,” explained Mazzanti. “Facial recognition and other biometric security technologies are needed.”

During the program, Mazzanti shared several insights relating to upgrading business software and hardware, including:

  1. Operating system (OS) upgrades keep a business in line with today’s technology, providing incremental improvements that may have been supplied by third parties in the past.
  2. New Windows versions provide real benefits like new car technology with more airbags, backup cameras and improved sound and MPG.
  3. Cortana, coming in Windows 10, is like having a personal assistant on your desktop, saving time by helping you generate emails and messages faster and providing intuitive reminders.
  4. Windows 10 is like the new, built-in auto navigation systems that augment GPS accuracy with other data from the car itself.
  5. Upgrading to Office 2013 from Office 2007 or Office 2010 has by far the biggest impact on productivity compared to upgrading to a newer Windows version.
  6. Hardware is becoming like the Burger King slogan, “Have it your way!” Windows 10 will support more connection and delivery methods to accommodate the new screens and form factors.

“The hardware that a business needs depends on the staff requirements for screens to travel, enter data and collaborate,” stated Mazzanti. “The hardware options with the Microsoft stack [family of products] are greater than ever before.”

To conclude the program, Mazzanti urged business leaders to involve a professional to guide them through the journey of upgrading their business technology.

“Involving a professional in the upgrade process will save a lot of time, shorten the set-up and generate a faster ROI,” stated Mazzanti. “By leveraging their expertise you can build a value proposition together to improve your business and your life.”

Considering the January 13, 2015 end of mainstream support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, as well as the Windows Server 2003 end-of-support deadline approaching July 14, 2015, now is a good time for businesses to plan an upgrade. After the July, 2015 deadline, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2003 or provide patches and security updates. That creates potential security problems and immediate compliance issues for businesses.

The timely 45 minute program aired at Noon, March, 2015. However, eMazzanti encourages everyone to access the complete recorded interview, What’s New in Technology and How to Simplify Staying Current.

eMazzanti Technologies provides technology upgrade services and products to businesses in the NYC metro area, New Jersey, throughout the United States and internationally. The success of eMazzanti’s customers demonstrates the value of these services.

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Carl Mazzanti is Co-Founder and President of eMazzanti Technologies, Microsoft’s four time Partner of the Year and one of the premier IT consulting services for businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area and internationally. Carl and his company manage over 400 active accounts ranging from professional services firms to high-end global retailers.

eMazzanti is all about delivering powerful, efficient outsourced IT services, such as computer network management and troubleshooting, managed print, PCI DSS compliance, green computing, mobile workforce technology, information security, cloud computing, and business continuity and disaster recovery.  

Carl Mazzanti is also a frequent business conference speaker and technology talk show guest and contributor at Microsoft-focused events, including frequent prominent roles at the Microsoft Inspire (Worldwide Partner Conference / WPC).

Carl, a serial Entrepreneur, gives back to the community through Entrepreneur teaching engagements at Georgetown University, the company’s ocean wildlife conservation effort, the Blue Project, and Tree Mazzanti.



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