Windows Vista Accelerates Productivity in IT Consulting Business: eMazzanti Technologies

Business Needs

With a company name that sounds more like a purebred, high-performance sports car than an IT consulting firm, eMazzanti Technologies is all about delivering powerful solutions in the most efficient manner possible. The Hoboken, N.J., firm is located in one of the most densely populated — and competitive — regions in the U.S. The firm’s basic focus revolves around creating competitive advantages, real and perceived, and it expects new technology to enhance both views of its niche in the professional services market. For example, new technology must meet three criteria: enhance the ability to serve its customers; increase productivity in significant, incremental ways; and help create a competitive advantage.


eMazzanti Technologies greets people with Windows Vista. The new operating system starts playing an important role in the company’s success as soon as customers walk into the reception area or welcome center. Windows Vista Ultimate with Media Center enables management to dynamically upgrade the content of Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations to include the customer’s name and company logo. At other times, the large-format LCD screen displays a rotating sequence of company event and personnel photos. The company has also created a “Where-in-the-world”-style marketing effort with its own eMazzanti brand of hats and T-shirts that customers can take on their world travels to be shown later in photos. Participating customers receive a personal thank-you note from the president and a free Microsoft Zune MP3 player. “We use Windows Media Center as digital signage in our welcome center,” said Mazzanti. “It impresses customers and adds an incredible level of class to the image of our company.” The company also uses Windows Vista Ultimate in its conference room and remotely sets up a presentation before the meeting starts to eliminate technical difficulties that might interrupt the flow of an important event. Instant Search and the new Aero interface also helped eMazzanti find virtually any file located anywhere on the server or hard drives as well as manage all opened documents efficiently. eMazzanti’s overall success with Windows Vista is largely due to its internal use for over two years. The company’s approach to customer adoption has been unique, according to Carl Mazzanti, president. “We embraced Windows Vista from day one and worked through the potential problems customers might have before we rolled it out to them. We knew the solutions before our customers had the problems.” Instant Search


Searching Files Saves Time and Money

“For years we’ve juggled thousands of documents with strict naming conventions, but it’s hard on new employees because they are unfamiliar with the system,” said Mazzanti. “Now that Instant Search allows us to relax the filing rules, we’re able to find any file anywhere on the server or desktop.” Volumes of e-mails were easily searched as well. “I have gigabytes of archived e-mail,” said Mazzanti. “On average, Instant Search saves me an hour a week along with each of my full-time engineers. That translates into an estimated savings of over $100,000 a year.”

Gadgets Provide Extra Customer Support

Mazzanti uses a number of gadgets that include the domain status indicator, currency converter, calendar, appointments and the Microsoft Zune gadget on his desktop. “We’re a heavy user of gadgets,” noted Mazzanti. “One of our favorites runs on each engineer’s laptop. The gadget pings our company Web site while we’re traveling and instantly let us know when we are connected and can go back to work. Gone are the days of opening up a command prompt to test connectivity.”

Aero Interface Productivity

“I have two desks, each with four flat-screen monitors,” said Mazzanti. “I’ve seen a 15 percent increase in productivity with the combination of multiple monitors and the Aero interface. The Flip 3D and thumbnail images allow me to see what’s in each opened document.” Mazzanti continued, “With a large payroll, the savings associated with the productivity increase is significant.”

Migration to Windows Vista at 90 Percent

“Ninety percent of our customers have migrated to Windows Vista,” said Mazzanti. “It’s because we knew precisely how to overcome potential issues and because we were convinced of the role Windows Vista plays in the future of each client.”

A Competitive Advantage

Though the New York metropolitan IT market is very competitive, Mazzanti has a strategy that seems to be working. “We are competitive because we’re good and we’re efficient. Windows Vista plays a key role enabling both business attributes in our firm.”

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