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Gianky Hernandez Pandora Store
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eMazzanti has the best Customer service. Every time I have a problem they are willing to help me no matter how long it takes them. I remember that on Christmas Eve, Chaminda Marabage help me with a big problem that I was having in one of our Pandora Stores. Even though it was really late and they were closing, he stayed on the line with me until everything was resolved.
Ben HernanzdezBell Container Corp
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Though we are not one of their big clients, we have always been treated as if we are their major customer. Their knowledgeable technical support staff is always quick to respond to all our needs. I had dealt with different providers prior to eMazzanti but no one compares to the impressive response time that we get from them – 24/7.
Alex M.
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Our business relation between Fire District 17 Department and eMazzanti Technologies has been wonderful from the beginning. Sales and support engineers are prompt, quick, and work pleasantly with our IT engineers. Not only were they there to provide us with O-365 mail licenses support, but they went out of their way to explain to the admin staff the differences between all the license options and their cost.

They care about their clients and make sure things go according to plan which shows in their work. Outstanding.
Joseph V.
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I've been a customer of eMazzanti for 12 or more years and I have never been disappointed by the expertise and professionalism of the support staff. Lets say every support job that's assigned from initial call to completion is personally handled by all staff members if necessary. Kudos to your support staff and thank you.

Barbara Watson

When we need them in a pinch, eMazzanti got us an extension on our firewall license and literally saved the day for our network.  They were able to get us everything we needed in an hour and that included them having to call Watchguard.  Yet another reason we use them for technology needs.  Thanks so much.

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Jason Wulf, Jarmel Kizel Architects

Even though we aren’t the largest of eMazzanti clients, we feel like we are still important and receive incredible service.  We count on them for project support to help our in-house IT department.  They are always there for us and  fast to respond.  eMazzanti has some of the best techs that I have worked with, are very knowledgeable, and know how to work with you not just for you. If you need a quality firm with quality techs, Emazzanti is one of the best.  Don’t ever judge your IT projects by dollars only.  You may be missing something in the

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Kristin Bradley, Litzky Public Relations, Inc.

We had some problems with our server this morning and the eMazzanti team was fast and efficient in getting us running again. Initially, we were told it would take half an hour to fix the issue, but Charminda fixed everything in just 15 minutes. This was great since coming into computer issues on a Monday morning are never fun. 🙂 Thanks, eMazzanti!  PS – When’s the next party at the W?

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Robert Mayer, Eberkshire.com

We decided to participate in a Microsoft case study mainly because Microsoft Vista helps grow our business. With the help of eMazzanti we learned how to use key features of Vista to increase productivity. I think we spoke about using Vista in our Customer Service department to search for product info. Our reps now type a style number into the “start search” and quickly get style info, pictures, emails, etc…. anything related to the style. They pass this info to our Customers and better fit them to a style. We’ve seen in increase in productivity and a decrease in returns

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Michele Litzky, President of Litzky Public Relations

As a boutique Hoboken public relations agency that repeatedly goes head-to-head with the “big boys” across the river in New York City, it is key for Litzky Public Relations (LPR) to remain fluid, dynamic, and tech savvy. The internet and social media have transformed the practice of media relations.  LPR depends on emazzanti to provide us with the technical support and necessary tools to implement our sophisticated digital strategies and allow us to communicate effectively with media “influentials.” Emazzanti’s expertise and intimate knowledge of our business keeps us not only competitive but ahead of the curve.  Working with emazzanti helps

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Jason Wulf, MCSE

I, too, am excited about working with you guys.  I have had many consultants in here and you, by far, seem to know more about what you are doing than any of them.  I will contact Randy about ordering the server. Jason Wulf, MCSE Manager of Information Technologies

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John Tworsky, Bergen County Camera

FTP works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even with the box traffic ramps up but there is still a good margin of safety. Thank You for being the only other person in the world to entertain the posibility that my troubles came from the old firewall! Thanks, -John

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Gus Aponte, Kepont Electronics, Inc.

Before MXINSPECT our server would get between 300-500 spam, spyware, junk emails per day and sometime even more, these unwanted emails would tie up memory, hard drive space, time, and there was the fear of virus infections… Carl and Doug recommended MXINSPECT and I must tell you it was one of the best IT support decisions I made…  It filters 98% of my of unwanted spam, spyware, junk emails and the ones it doesn’t get or I want to block, I can add those emails to the MXINSPECT system… Besides blocking unwanted emails we’ve had lost of power and DSL connection

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