Robert Mayer, Eberkshire.com

We decided to participate in a Microsoft case study mainly because Microsoft Vista helps grow our business. With the help of eMazzanti we learned how to use key features of Vista to increase productivity. I think we spoke about using Vista in our Customer Service department to search for product info. Our reps now type a style number into the “start search” and quickly get style info, pictures, emails, etc…. anything related to the style. They pass this info to our Customers and better fit them to a style. We’ve seen in increase in productivity and a decrease in returns as a result of this new practice.

Our partnership with eMazzantihas been extremely beneficial to our company. One example is the backup solution they created for us. Before eMazzanti our systems were backed up independently- usually on tape. If a system went down during the day, and we needed to revert to backup, we had to revert to the prior days tape backup. If a server went down we had to reinstall the operating system on the server, then reinstall the programs, then revert to the prior days backup. This process could take days. eMazzanti gave us the ability quickly revert to a backup of 15 minutes prior, anytime during the day from anywhere with an internet connection. If a server goes down we can plug in a new box and a few clicks later be up and running. The solution they created is priceless.

-Robert Mayer, Eberkshire (website:Eberkshire.com)



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