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Gianky Hernandez Pandora Store
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eMazzanti has the best Customer service. Every time I have a problem they are willing to help me no matter how long it takes them. I remember that on Christmas Eve, Chaminda Marabage help me with a big problem that I was having in one of our Pandora Stores. Even though it was really late and they were closing, he stayed on the line with me until everything was resolved.
Ben HernanzdezBell Container Corp
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Though we are not one of their big clients, we have always been treated as if we are their major customer. Their knowledgeable technical support staff is always quick to respond to all our needs. I had dealt with different providers prior to eMazzanti but no one compares to the impressive response time that we get from them – 24/7.
Alex M.
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Our business relation between Fire District 17 Department and eMazzanti Technologies has been wonderful from the beginning. Sales and support engineers are prompt, quick, and work pleasantly with our IT engineers. Not only were they there to provide us with O-365 mail licenses support, but they went out of their way to explain to the admin staff the differences between all the license options and their cost.

They care about their clients and make sure things go according to plan which shows in their work. Outstanding.
Joseph V.
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I've been a customer of eMazzanti for 12 or more years and I have never been disappointed by the expertise and professionalism of the support staff. Lets say every support job that's assigned from initial call to completion is personally handled by all staff members if necessary. Kudos to your support staff and thank you.

Rev. Alexander M. Santora, pastor, Our Lady of Grace.

“Our Lady of Grace exists to minister to the spiritual needs of our parishioners, but it also must function well temporally, being fiscally responsible,” said Santora. “eMazzanti eCare was the perfect solution for us.” “eMazzanti came to the rescue again. They helped us with the specifications and made sure the laptop computer we used to input messages was up to the task and set up correctly, said Santora. “This new approach to keeping our members informed helped us greatly and makes us look like we’re taking advantage of the latest tools—sort of technology hip from a spiritual point-of-view,” mused Santora.

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Ben Hernandez, information systems manager of Bell Container

 “The HP 5310m ProBook running Windows 7 Professional is a quantum leap in terms of boosting productivity for us,” says Ben Hernandez, information systems manager of Bell Container. “And eMazzanti Technologies made that a reality by helping us make the switch.” “Domain Join makes it easier than ever to set up new computers,” notes Hernandez. “Of course, eMazzanti Technologies is instrumental in helping us with this process—I think it’s helping both of our companies save time.” According to Hernandez, “We wanted Windows 7 Professional, but weren’t sure if it would work with legacy applications. When eMazzanti Technologies showed us how

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William Wnekowicz, IT manager of Doma

“I can’t believe we didn’t start working with eMazzanti Technologies sooner,” says William Wnekowicz, IT manager of Doma. “It has helped us find powerful systems like the HP 5310m ProBook running Windows 7 Professional—and catapult our productivity.” For Doma, the Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection has offered vital connectivity to business related files for the company’s increasingly mobile workforce. Once set up, users can use the feature to access documents and programs on a remote PC. And as Wnekowicz points out, this wouldn’t be possible without eMazzanti Technologies: “eMazzanti Technologies helped us use Remote Desktop Connection—and that has been the

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Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky

“A migration of this size [large attorney e-mail archives] in an environment like a law firm [idiosyncratic desktop applications] could easily have been a disaster,” says Kramarsky, “but eMazzanti handled the challenges and the Microsoft products performed exceptionally well.”

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Boutique law firm Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky

“Time when your computer is down is time that you can’t fully service the client,” says Kramarsky. “That problem has virtually gone away because the system is more reliable and because we have it managed remotely for us by eMazzanti.”

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Kim Hubelbank, Director of Systems, EssentialApparel.com

“eMazzanti created a custom gadget Essentil Gadger that enables us to monitor pick, pack and ship status. It’s probably responsible for a 15 percent boost in productivity all by itself.”  eMazzanti Technologies tapped a powerful feature in Windows 7 that is helping to eliminate manual errors. “Windows 7 Touch Screen capabilities have replaced the mouse in the warehouse,”

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Frank Cerullo, CEO of GameWear

“GameWear can benefit in three ways with Problem Steps Recorder. First, it can capture IT problems accurately which helps eMazzanti solve the issue faster. Second, it’s a great tutorial tool. We can quickly create training documents around new features. Third, it’s an effective work monitor for new employee performance feedback, similar to a call center monitoring calls for quality assurance.”

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Ian Kelly, Controller of Deepwater Wind

“eMazzanti Technologies is a leader in IT support,” Ian Kelly, Controller of Deepwater Wind, remarks. “And they have consistently recommended the best—which is why we now have Windows 7 Professional and the HP 5310m ProBook.”

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Br. Scott OHC, Bursar of Holy Cross Monastery

 “Productivity is important, but being exemplary stewards defines us,” says Br. Scott OHC, Bursar of Holy Cross Monastery. “It’s tough to find partners who understand this—but eMazzanti Technologies always delivers solutions that align with our values.”  “With eMazzanti Technologies, we’re more productive and that improves our overall stewardship. It frees us up for the life of ministry and worship that is at the heart of our monastic calling,” Br. Scott adds.  “We’re all impressed by how lightweight and sturdy the HP 5310m ProBook is,” Br. Scott says. “Thanks to eMazzanti Technologies, we have a system that will last for years

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Frank Cerullo, co-founder of GameWear

Overall, Cerullo is impressed by the ease-of-use, intuitive interface, and overall speed and performance of Office 2010. “The smooth integration provided by eMazzanti Technologies and new interface of Office 2010 combine to create a powerful and tremendous advantage,” he says. “We can accomplish everything in two clicks or less!”

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Terry Van Auken, School Business Administrator, Andover School District

Recommendations from other districts in the area led to eMazzanti Technologies. “We brought in some other companies, but consistently eMazzanti came to the top of the list,” she states. “They were responsive to every question that we put in front of them.” “When eMazzanti presented their program, built around the WatchGuard equipment, it was a win/win all around. I contacted several high schools and a college in the area who were using WatchGuard firewalls, and they all were successful with the product. When the presentation was made to our Board of Education, it cruised through.”  “It was the solution we

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