William Wnekowicz, IT manager of Doma

“I can’t believe we didn’t start working with eMazzanti Technologies sooner,” says William Wnekowicz, IT manager of Doma. “It has helped us find powerful systems like the HP 5310m ProBook running Windows 7 Professional—and catapult our productivity.”

For Doma, the Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection has offered vital connectivity to business related files for the company’s increasingly mobile workforce. Once set up, users can use the feature to access documents and programs on a remote PC. And as Wnekowicz points out, this wouldn’t be possible without eMazzanti Technologies: “eMazzanti Technologies helped us use Remote Desktop Connection—and that has been the critical missing ingredient we needed to help our employees work on the go.”

eMazzanti plays a crucial role in this success. “Without technology, we’d be out of business,” Wnekowicz says. “Thanks to eMazzanti, we now have the right system in place—and ongoing support to show us new ways of leveraging it.”