Ian Kelly, Controller and Director of Administration, Deepwater Wind.

 ”We first became aware of eMazzanti Technologies in an Entrepreneur magazine article,” said Ian Kelly, Controller and Director of Administration, Deepwater Wind. “They talked in terms of outsourcing much of the hardware, software and support. Others wanted to sell us tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment.”

All of the other IT consultants interviewed by Deepwater Wind recommended very expensive in-house hardware and software

solutions. Not so with eMazzanti’s recommendation. “We have the equivalent of a full IT department’s resources outsourced to eMazzanti,” said Kelly. “It’s significantly cheaper than owning it ourselves and is available at a fixed price allowing for predictable IT expenses.”

Protecting Deepwater Wind’s data is eMazzanti’s eCare Business Continuity service. “Backup security happens via our NAS device every 15-minutes in an offsite location,” said Kelly. “We sleep a lot better knowing our IP is protected against accident and theft.”

Deepwater Wind is focused on leading-edge, green technology solutions. Thinking and acting green is in its business’ DNA and eMazzanti has helped broaden the environmental definition green. “eMazzanti is helping us achieve the new ‘green’ office…saving resources and saving money,” said Kelly. “The idea of being environmentally friendly and managing our bottom-line with lower IT costs naturally appeals to us.”