Br. Scott OHC, Bursar of Holy Cross Monastery

“Productivity is important, but being exemplary stewards defines us,” says Br. Scott OHC, Bursar of Holy Cross Monastery. “It’s tough to find partners who understand this—but eMazzanti Technologies always delivers solutions that align with our values.”

“With eMazzanti Technologies, we’re more productive and that improves our overall stewardship. It frees us up for the life of ministry and worship that is at the heart of our monastic calling,” Br. Scott adds.

“We’re all impressed by how lightweight and sturdy the HP 5310m ProBook is,” Br. Scott says. “Thanks to eMazzanti Technologies, we have a system that will last for years to come.”

HP’s Built-to-Conserve serves as the foundation of the HP 5310m ProBook’s construction, which features BFR/PVC-free 17 options that use materials with lower environmental impact.

“Built with both the end-user and the environment in mind, the HP 5310m supports our mission to conserve and serve with integrity,” Br. Scott remarks. “We wouldn’t have found this without eMazzanti Technologies.”



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