Bell Container Accelerates Critical Processes with Windows® 7 Professional & HP 5310m ProBook

On-time delivery and high-quality service are the hallmarks of Newark-based Bell Container, which manufacturers more than 1.1 billion square feet of corrugated packaging materials annually. The company attributes its success to the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies, which are recommended and deployed by the company’s IT partner, eMazzanti Technologies. To help

streamline everyday processes and give employees more time to focus on creating innovative designs and delivering impeccable service, eMazzanti Technologies recommended that Bell Container upgrade to the HP 5310m ProBook running Windows 7 Professional. “The HP 5310m ProBook running Windows 7 Professional is a quantum leap in terms of boosting productivity for us,” says Ben Hernandez, information systems manager of Bell Container. “And eMazzanti Technologies made that a reality by helping us make the switch.”


Long boot and resume times were a frequent source of frustration for Bell Container employees, as was the multi-step process of making sure their systems were identifying and connecting to the right network printer in each working environment. For managers, connecting new PCs to the corporate domain was a complicated and time-consuming process.

While they wanted to alleviate these challenges, Bell Container leaders needed to ensure they retained backwards compatibility with legacy programs and applications. On top of that, the company was currently in the process of updating its business documentation—which was projected to take longer than managers would like.

In addition, Bell Container needed more powerful notebooks that were both easy to use and sturdy enough to handle frequent travel and regular wear and tear—while keeping business-critical files protected at all times.


Bell Container turned to eMazzanti Technologies for its expert guidance and support. And when its IT partner suggested the HP 5310m ProBook running Windows® 7 Professional, Bell Container knew it would be the ideal solution for its business.


Faster, Easier Access to What Matters Most

Bell Container employees found that the Windows 7 fast Sleep and Resume helps them get to work sooner and complete projects faster than before.

As Hernandez point out, “Our HP 5310m ProBook running Windows 7 Professional starts 20 seconds faster than previous systems. We expect that to add up to 17 minutes every day across the organization.”

This time savings is enhanced with Windows 7 Professional Location Aware Printing. Once a user defines the default printer in each network environment, the feature will automatically detect and connect to the right printer each time a user switches networks. “I love Location Aware Printing,” Hernandez remarks. “Before, I had to manually switch printers when I moved between networks. Now I don’t have to change the settings because it connects right away automatically.”

Managers have found that with Windows 7 Professional Domain Join, the process for connecting new PCs to the company network is streamlined and simplified—saving time and frustration.

“Domain Join makes it easier than ever to set up new computers,” notes Hernandez. “Of course, eMazzanti Technologies is instrumental in helping us with this process—I think it’s helping both of our companies save time.”

Critical Compatibility and Efficiency

With Windows XP Mode, a new feature included with Windows 7 Professional, users can work with legacy applications and programs that have yet to be updated—while leveraging the power and performance of Windows 7 Professional.

According to Hernandez, “We wanted Windows 7 Professional, but weren’t sure if it would work with legacy applications. When eMazzanti Technologies showed us how to use Windows XP Mode, we knew this OS was perfect for us.”

Windows 7 Professional also includes Problem Steps Recorder, giving users new

and easy ways to share complex information, such as how to use a new program or software application. All users have to do is launch the application, hit ‘record’ to capture their on screen interactions, add any notes, and send it off to colleagues.

“We project that Problems Steps Recorder will reduce the time required to update our documentation by 70 percent,” says Hernandez. “That’s more time we have to create and deliver even better products to our customers.”

A Flexible, Secure Solution

The HP Built-to-Last construction—a critical component of the HP 5310m ProBook’s design—provides users with durable yet lightweight features such as an anodized aluminium display enclosure and a magnesium alloy case to protect notebooks from the rigors of daily use. Bell Container employees also note that the bright screen and finely-tuned keyboard enhance their ability to get work done—no matter where they are.

“HP 5310m ProBook is beautiful, slick, easy to use and sturdy,” Hernandez remarks. “eMazzanti Technologies recommended we switch to this notebook—and we’re glad we did.”

Windows 7 Professional Encrypting File System has helped Bell Container fortify system security by enabling users to easily encrypt files and folders—and keep them safe from intrusion. “Encrypting File System ensures that all of our data stays safe,” Hernandez says. “That extra layer of security is critical to our business.”

Windows 7

Works the way you want: Windows 7 Professional will help your organization use information technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s new world of work. Your people will be able to be more productive anywhere. You will be able to support your mobile workforce with better access to shared data and collaboration tools. And your IT staff will have better tools and technologies for enhanced corporate IT security and data protection, and more efficient deployment and management.

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