eMazzanti Delivers PCI Compliance Peace of Mind Enabling Growth for Home Goods Retailer

Paramount PCI Compliance

With PCI compliance and data security services from eMazzanti Technologies, Paramount Decorators created a comfortable, secure store atmosphere, providing peace of mind for CFO, Bill Hall. Positive word-of-mouth and repeat customers set the stage for growth.

When the business was acquired two years ago, Bill Hall, CFO, Paramount Decorators, was placed in charge of identifying and setting up stores for the new entity. He knew that customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth would play a big role in the company’s growth.

“We rely on repeat customers,” explained Hall. “When a customer comes into our store we want them to feel that their personal information is safe when they check out, or they probably wont’t come back.” 

In the process of implementing a new POS network, Paramount Decorators looked for a company to provide PCI compliance services and protection for customer data.

“We needed a reliable firewall in front of registers to prevent hacking in to steal customer data,” related Hall. “That was one of our major undertakings to make sure that the customer’s information was always safe and secure.”

eMazzanti Technologies

Paramount Decorators interviewed a number of vendors to determine who would provide their data security. “eMazzanti was well known to KWI, the provider of our POS and back office systems,” explained Hall. “We were very happy with the answers that we got from them and felt that they could provide the best overall service for us.” Hall felt comfortable moving ahead when KWI recommended eMazzanti.

Coordinating closely with KWI, eMazzanti supplied routers, firewalls and network monitoring at each of the stores. “eMazzanti provided the security that we wanted to bePCI compliant,” stated Hall. “The implementation went very well.”

If there’s a problem, Paramount Decorators immediately calls eMazzanti. “Remotely they’re able to go in and examine our network,” explained Hall. “They waste no time in reviewing what is going on. The feedback is immediate, and they are very quick to get back with the results of their investigation.”

QuoteRepeat Customers

eMazzanti’s service helps Paramount Decorators build positive relationships with customers that create positive word-of-mouth. “Relying on eMazzanti saves us time, saves us embarrassment with the customer, and it creates an atmosphere that makes the customer want to come back,” stated Hall. “They provide us with the technology to make the customer feel comfortable that their information is safe and secure.”

Peace of Mind

Paramount Decorators has experienced no security issues since the implementation of eMazzanti data security services two years ago. “eMazzanti provides an additional level of peace of mind for PCI compliance to prevent hackers from stealing our customer’s data,” stated Hall.”KWI and eMazzanti coupled together provide complete security for our customers.”


With the peace of mind that comes with secure data and comfortable customers, Paramount Decorators can grow their business with confidence. “We expect that eMazzanti will be a partner with us on every store opening,” concluded Hall. “eMazzanti has performed above and beyond our expectations!”


Paramount PCI Compliance


Customer: Paramount Decorators
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Industry: Retail home goods


Paramount Decorators operates five home goods retail stores in the New York City area with items for the living room, kitchen and bath.

The growing company utilizes retail POS and management systems from KWI. eMazzanti Technologies supplies routers, firewalls and PCI compliance services.

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