IT consultancy provides affordable cloud-based disaster protection to SMB customers

Cloud-base disaster

“With Azure Site Recovery, we give customers the opportunity to extend their investments in Hyper-V and Azure and gain disaster protection for their workloads in another location.”

Carl Mazzanti, Owner, eMazzanti Technologies

In this latest case study from Microsoft, eMazzanti Technologies and their disaster recovery efforts using Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is featured.  eMazzanti Technologies showcases how ASR is utilized in their customer environment to provide an affordable and reliable disaster recovery solution.  With several recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Irene and Sandy, business continuity and disaster recovery is a critical part of business operations.  By utilizing ASR, eMazzanti Technologies has been able to provide their clients with an easy, cost effective way to protect their environment and get more from Microsoft technology.

“After years of investing in expensive disaster recovery solutions to defend against weather extremes, many small businesses in the New York City area are seeking more affordable options. IT consultancy eMazzanti Technologies is using Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to give them just that. By using ASR, eMazzanti offers small and midsize businesses cost-effective disaster protection in the cloud while also expanding its business and reducing disaster recovery setup time,”

Read the full case study here and see how ASR and  how it can  help your business stay protected.