Public relations firm accelerates productivity with Windows 10 devices

productivity with Windows 10

Public relations firm accelerates productivity with Windows 10 devices

“I love how Windows 10 lets me switch back and forth between the personal and professional aspects of my life. The fresh, modern design really ties the experience together.”
Josslynne Lingard Welch, Vice President, Litzky Public Relations

Despite its size, Litzky Public Relations does big work for big clients thanks to a seasoned staff, who know the importance of using technology to maximize productivity. With the help of Microsoft Partner eMazzanti Technologies, the firm adopted Windows 10 2-in-1s from HP. Not only did employees find the transition to Windows 10 easy and intuitive, they are using new features to save time and get more done in the office and on the go.

Setting the pace in an always-on world

Not everyone can make the news, but that’s exactly what Litzky Public Relations helps its clients do every day. Melissa Winston, Vice President, has been at the firm for 15 years and says there’s rarely a dull moment. “We are constantly creating public relations strategy for our clients and getting them in the spotlight by generating buzz and coverage,” she says. “No day is the same.”

According to Josslynne Lingard Welch, also Vice President at Litzky Public Relations, technology has changed the public relations (PR) industry dramatically. “Because everything is online now, we have to be more connected than ever, whether we’re in the office or traveling,” she says. “We spend the day switching between email, social media, and the web to monitor and increase our clients’ media presence.”

The online nature of news these days doesn’t mean that Litzky Public Relations professionals are stuck at their desks. If anything, they’re more mobile than ever, because live events have taken greater importance in generating media attention for clients. “When we’re doing an event,” says Welch, “we have to be in communication with the client at all times, broadcasting breaking news to social channels and staying connected to the Internet.”

Using technology to keep productivity high

In this fast-paced environment, the right technology is critical, which is why the company was excited to deploy Windows 10 as part of a Microsoft early adopter program. The staff was pleased to find that upgrading from Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Windows 10 was virtually effortless. “Bringing back the Start button made going from Windows 7 to Windows 10 easier than it would have been otherwise because I didn’t have to learn a new way to access programs,” says Welch. “And the sleek, modern design of Windows 10 helps with the transition from previous versions because it’s easy to navigate visually.”

Winston, who previously used Windows 8, also found Windows 10 easy to use. “We’re working so fast, you just want things to be where you expect them,” says Winston. “Windows 10 starts quickly and using the operating system felt intuitive thanks to the familiar layout,” she says.

Litzky Public Relations relies on Microsoft Partner eMazzanti Technologies for the firm’s IT needs. Almi Dumi, Senior Engineer at eMazzanti, says that deploying Windows 10 was a smooth and simple process. “It’s like any other Windows operating system and fits easily into the existing IT infrastructure,” he says. “Starting the machine and initiating the user logon takes only a few seconds, and applications load rapidly.”

Supporting individual work styles

Welch customized her HP Ultrabook tablet with apps from the Windows Store that could connect her to business-critical information faster. “I tapped the Windows Store tile and immediately had access to the news and social apps that are critical to my work,” she says. “Now I can stay on top of the latest buzz with one touch.”

With so many things going on at once, Winston needed ways to keep track of what’s most important at any given moment. “Now, I can swipe to the left see what’s new in the Notifications Center on the right side of the screen. And, my most commonly used applications are listed right on the Start menu. I’ve got Microsoft Outlook, Word, Skype, and the Microsoft Edge browser right at my fingertips.”

The snap assist menu makes it simple to arrange application windows on the screen. “Using multiple windows at once is something I do all the time with my desktop. Now I have the same flexibility on my tablet, too,” says Welch.

The firm’s creative department is responsible for a wide range of event- and client-related deliverables, and Winston uses the Microsoft Edge browser to capture and share ideas. “I can easily take a screen shot of something I see online, annotate it using the digital pen, and send it off. It’s a richer way to communicate than just sending a link.”

Staying productive on the go with innovative new devices

Because its employees are always on the move, Litzky Public Relations relies on mobile technology to get things done. “It’s crucial that I can keep working on a train or plane, or from home,” says Winston. “With Windows 10 devices, I know my data is available and protected at all times.” She also notes that it’s easy to move between devices. “I find it really easy to move back and forth between my tablet, laptop, and desktop PC,” she says. “Using Windows 10, I can get work done right away, no matter which device I use.”

When Welch uses her tablet with an attached keyboard, she can use the Continuum feature in Windows 10 to switch between tablet and desktop modes, depending on the situation. “All I have to do is remove keyboard and my device goes into tablet mode instantly, so I can use the touch interface. It’s great for when I’m traveling and need to monitor social channels for clients,” she says.

Overall, the firm’s employees uses Windows 10 to keep up with a fast-paced news cycle and be more productive everywhere. “I love how Windows 10 lets me switch back and forth between every aspect of my life, with a fresh, modern user experience that ties the experience together,” says Welch.

Winston finds that the enhanced productivity in Windows 10 offers another benefit, as well. “As a PR professional and working mother, being efficient is very important. If I can give my clients my best work and gain an extra 30 minutes back so I can get home in time for dinner with my kids, that’s a great day.”


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