Senior Center Records Large Increases in Website Traffic and Social Media Impact

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Website Traffic“When you’re a marketing director, you just can’t do everything yourself. It takes quite a bit of the pressure off knowing that you have professionals who keep up with all the technology.”
Toby Ehrlich, Director of Corporate Marketing, Wilf Campus for Senior Living

The Oscar and Ella Wilf Campus for Senior Living attracts new residents and customers through community programs and digital marketing provided by Liqui-Site. With the departure of the organization’s social media firm, Toby Ehrlich, Director of Corporate Marketing, enlisted Liqui-Site to manage its social media and make website improvements. Digital Marketing Specialist, Chris Capasso and his team implemented innovative technologies and changes to the website, resulting in a 75% increase in traffic. Excellent design and brilliant execution also increased social media reach by 60%.


On the beautiful Wilf Campus located in Somerset, New Jersey, you’ll find senior living at its best. Residents live life to the fullest in a caring environment where personal, medical and spiritual needs are met, and traditional Jewish values are celebrated.

Replace Social Media Vendor

For seven years, Wilf Campus relied on Liqui-Site for a variety of digital marketing services, including website support and an email newsletter. Happy with the relationship, Director of Corporate Marketing, Toby Ehrlich sought additional assistance to replace a departing vendor and to increase sales.

“Our social media company pulled out, so I asked Liqui-Site if they would do social media for us,” related Ehrlich. “I was trying to get more activity, more clicks on our website.


Regular and Responsive Communication

In early 2016, eMazzanti Technologies acquired Liqui-Site. With the change of ownership, Liqui-Site Digital Marketing Specialist, Chris Capasso, assumed responsibility for the Wilf Campus account.

Ehrlich coordinates frequently with Capasso on a scheduled call to discuss website traffic and social media, and to review current projects and activities.

“We try to talk once a week,” she said. “We also communicate with his team. They’re very responsive if I have some technical problem with the website or something of that nature. They’ll call me back within a half an hour.”

Innovative Website Improvements

Liqui-Site designs and produces the Wilf Campus bi-monthly e-newsletter and maintains the organization’s responsive website. It also provides design and performance recommendations, such as accelerated mobile pages (AMP), and technology and security updates as needed.

To increase website traffic, Capasso implemented geofencing, a location-based digital marketing technology. Geofencing enables Ehrlich to deliver targeted ads to desktop, tablet and smartphone users within defined geographic areas.

“Geofencing is a neat technology that has produced a lot of activity for us,” related Ehrlich. “Chris always has fresh ideas to get more traffic to the website. His team also modified the side panel of our website so that Facebook showed up more prominently.”

Creative and Easy to Work With

Ehrlich enjoys working with Liqui-Site, calling it, a great experience. “Chris is very outgoing, gregarious and nice to work with,” she added. “He’s also good at explaining things. That’s very helpful because I’m not very technical.”

Ashley Hurwitz, Liqui-Site’s social media manager, directs social media for Ehrlich and designs and produces the bi-monthly Wilf Campus e-newsletter. “Ashley is very creative with how she does Facebook and the e-newsletter,” related Ehrlich. “She has a good eye. She’s also very easy going and easy to work with.”


Website Traffic Up 75%

Quarterly Wilf Campus website traffic (sessions) increased by 75% to 3,300 following the implementation of geofencing, social media optimization and user experience improvements to the website. Unique visitors also increased by 64% to 2,600 per quarter.

“We’ve seen a substantial increase in website traffic,” stated Ehrlich. “And, we expect to see more activity and more prospects from the website as we continue with these efforts.”

With improved social media design, visibility and execution, the Wilf Campus Facebook page now records 60% more monthly impressions and increased engagement, contributing to increased website visits and conversions.

“We’ve been busy!” exclaimed Ehrlich. “That’s what we look for!”

Technology Partnership for Professional Results

Liqui-Site maintains the Wilf Campus website with an attractive, responsive design. “When people come to the website, it looks extremely professional,” stated Ehrlich. “They’ve also kept our social media and bi-monthly e-newsletter looking professional to generate leads.”

“It’s wonderful to work with a company like Liqui-Site because they understand all the technical aspects of building traffic on our website, Facebook page and so forth,” concluded Ehrlich. “You can’t do everything yourself. So, it’s great to have a partnership where you can give them the information and they translate that into what needs to be done.”


The Wilf Campus for Senior Living offers a wide range of programs, services and residential options for older adults. The New Jersey senior care organization has relied on Liqui-Site, an eMazzanti Technologies company, for digital marketing services since 2010.

Digital Marketing Services

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