eMazzanti Grows Staff 10% in 30 Days with eMazzanti.Ninja Career Site

New career website, eMazzanti.Ninja, generates seven new hires in tight tech labor market to meet needs of growing customer base Hoboken, NJ ­- (Cision) August 30, 2018 – eMazzanti Technologies, a Hoboken, New Jersey IT consultant and managed services provider, today announced that it hired seven new staff members in a recent 30-day period. The company recruited the new hires with the help of a new career website, https://emazzanti.ninja/. The number recently hired represents more than ten percent of the company’s active employees. According to company leadership, the new career website helped to generate the interest and job inquiries leading…


How Does Your Customer Service Stand Out?

When it comes to customer service, how does your small business stand out from the pack? From handwritten thank you notes to remembering little life details, we chatted with 25 experts about the strategies they use to keep loyal customers and continue bringing in new ones for their business. “We recently decided to tackle the same challenge of how we inject some personality into our business and moreover how to deliver stand out customer service at scale. We have around 220,000 currently, and we want to figure out a scalable effective way to get personally with them. After brainstorming we came up…


5 Business Benefits of Gratitude

Author Melody Beattie wrote that “gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.” Recent clinical trials support Beattie’s assertion, describing personal benefits such as reduced depression, lowered blood pressure and improved sleep. Equally powerful are the business benefits of gratitude. Just as gratitude can elevate an individual’s physical and emotional well-being, it can also improve both the workplace atmosphere and an organization’s bottom line. Following are just five of the many tangible benefits of expressing gratitude at the office. 1. Customer Loyalty and Engagement According to Harvard Business Review, generating new customers will cost your business five to 25 times the cost…


Customer Satisfaction: The Key to Growing Your Business

Customer Satisfaction: The Key to Growing Your Business Customer service is about more than just meeting the basic needs of your clients. As a small business owner, you should strive for a high level of customer satisfaction during every transaction. From helping locate a specific product, to answering questions about return policies, you want your customers to feel valued—and not like they’re just a walking dollar sign. Use the power of outstanding communication, accessibility and a customer-friendly staff to keep customers coming back. And remember good news travels fast—don’t be surprised if your current clients spread the word about their…


3 Technologies for Streamlining Customer Communications

3 Technologies for Streamlining Customer Communications Ask the typical small business owner which methods his or her company uses to communicate with customers, and email is likely to be at or near the top of the list. But what happens as your business grows? If your business is anything like mine, the volume of email starts reproducing faster than a warren of rabbits. Without even realizing it, you and your team may be spending hours each month hunting through inboxes just to find and organize important information. Email becomes a source of frustration; important communications are buried in individual team…


Use Digital Technology to Support Your Brand Story

  Technology is not the end-all but a strong supporting player in creating your brand and customer experience Digital technologies, particularly mobile, play an increasingly important role in retail, and other industries as well. According to a 2015 PwC survey, CEOs rank ‘Mobile technologies for customer engagement’ highest on their list of strategically important digital technologies. However, in their race to be the first to adopt the latest technology, or just to catch up with innovators, companies are prone to focus too much on the technology itself rather than its role in the overall customer experience. ‘We need an app!’…


Gianky Hernandez – Pandora Store

eMazzanti  has the best Customer service. Every time I have a problem they are willing to help me no matter how long it takes them. I remember that on Christmas Eve, Chaminda Marabage help me with a big problem that I was having in one of our Pandora Stores. Even though it was really late and they were closing, he stayed on the line with me until everything was resolved.