Timothy Oulton Headed for Exponential Growth with Retail Solutions from eMazzanti Technologies

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Timothy Oulton Headed for Exponential Growth with Retail Solutions from eMazzanti Technologies

“The reality of retail today is that you need cutting-edge technology in your stores. You have totimothy_oulton_logo

make it easy for customers to find information and communicate with you, and you have to be able to answer questions quickly and professionally.”

Matt Wilkerson, Head of Retail for Timothy Oulton Americas

Looking to expand US operations, British furniture maker Timothy Oulton sought a scalable technology solution to support their brand and drive revenues. eMazzanti Technologies rapidly deployed retail solutions to support exponential growth, reducing the time to open a store to three weeks. Standardized infrastructure and POS tablets enabled sales personnel to speed the connection with clients. eMazzanti’s impressive solution wows customers and helps employees succeed in a reliable and secure retail environment.

Business Needs

Timothy Oulton specializes in hand-crafted furniture using time-honored techniques, and provides a high-quality customer experience in their retail galleries. “What makes Timothy Oulton so special is that we elevate ourselves to create a best-on-planet experience when clients walk through one of our galleries,” explained Chris McCullough, US Flagship Gallery Manager and Timothy Oulton Ambassador. ”Sight, smell and customer service all are very important to us.”

Reliable Technology

High-end customers look for high quality in Timothy Oulton’s products and service. “It’s very important that our technology is working so that when customers come in everything comes up really quick,” stated Ester, Timothy Oulton Brand Ambassador. “If it’s not running then we can’t help our customers.”

Furniture TOStandardization

Timothy Oulton opened their first ever flagship store in Dallas a little over a year ago. “The network, the hardware, software and systems that were in place were inadequate for the needs of our business,” stated McCullough. Lagging technology and traditional operational practices increased the time to open the store and get it running smoothly. Timothy Oulton needed a scalable technology solution that would help to facilitate aggressive plans for expansion.

Low Profile, High Functionality

“Most of our pieces have a period look to them, so we don’t want our stores bristling with computers,” says Matt Wilkerson, Head of Retail for Timothy Oulton Americas. “But the reality of retail today is that you need cutting-edge technology in your stores. You have to make it easy for customers to find information and communicate with you, and you have to be able to answer questions quickly and professionally. We were not doing that with our mish-mash of technology.”


eMazzanti Technologies

Timothy Oulton looked for an IT solution in Dallas that could also be rolled out easily to other stores. “We chose to work with eMazzanti due to the fact that they are able to work in multiple locations throughout the country and help us service our client needs,” explained McCullough. “eMazzanti quickly stepped in and helped immensely within the budget, helping us to invest to grow our business.”

“They provided security and backup systems to protect our clients and data, reworked our network, improving our Wi-Fi speeds and Internet access, and enabled us to work more effectively with our POS system to speed the connection with our customer and ultimately to process a sale.”

Salespeople carry Lenovo ThinkPad Twist and HP EliteBook Revolve tablet PCs throughout the store and use them to answer customer questions. Employees use attached credit card sliders to complete a transaction from anywhere on the floor.

eMazzanti helped Timothy Oulton standardize their printing with eCare Managed Print Services from Xerox. “We were also given the opportunity to work with Windows 8 before it was launched, which has allowed us to open a location in a couple of weeks rather than months,” stated McCullough.

Multi-location Rollout

With the success in Dallas, Timothy Oulton worked with eMazzanti to roll out the technology to gallery locations in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles and San Francisco. “eMazzanti partnered with our global IT department and our POS system all remotely,” related McCullough. “Currently we distribute to 64 countries and have locations all over the world. eMazzanti worked seamlessly to execute our corporate initiatives and create a better client experience globally.”

Powerful and Dependable

Sales personnel in the stores are greatly impacted by the technology upgrade. “We use it from the moment we open to help customers, special order, close deals and to track important processes,” stated Marquis Van Ness, Sales Ambassador. “The technology has to be very reliable because that’s how we make our living in the store.”

Excellent support keeps things running smoothly. “Two weeks ago I was in the middle of helping a customer when our computer systems went down,” said Van Ness. “I contacted eMazzanti and they fixed the computer system within 10 minutes which helped me close the sale and provide great customer service.”


The Wow Factor

Advanced technology from eMazzanti has become a tool to drive revenues. “Technology becomes a valuable way to support your brand and engage your customers,” Wilkerson says. “We have to stay one step ahead of them—wow them with cool things that they haven’t seen in other stores.” Wilkerson envisions innovations like a giant interactive touchscreen monitor in the store to promote a new exotic bedding line.

 Three Weeks to Open

Thanks to the eMazzanti scalable technology solution, Timothy Oulton was able to open its New Jersey outlet store in just three weeks. “The Windows 8 Pro tablets that eMazzanti recommended contributed greatly to the speedup,” Wilkerson says. “In Windows 8 Pro, I see something that’s fresh and modern.”

Exponential Growth

“The future of Timothy Oulton in 2014 is exponential growth,” stated McCullough. “Working with eMazzanti has enabled us to create a scalable IT solution that we can roll out to multiple locations. It’s a huge cost savings in the future development and growth of our company. Because of eMazzanti’s partnerships with amazing companies like Microsoft, Xerox and WatchGuard, the speed, connectivity, security and operational efficiency in our business have all improved.”

Reliable and Secure

Timothy Oulton’s staff appreciates the reliability of the new technology. “eMazzanti is always making sure that our systems are up and running with no down time,” explained Ester. “No down time means never missing a sale.”

Timothy Oulton’s high-end clientele make service and data security critically important. “Being an old-world craftsmanship retailer, technology is key,” stated McCullough.  “And, eMazzanti helps us connect with our clients and provide a secure retail environment.”


Customer: Timothy Oulton
Website: www.timothyoulton.com
Customer Size: 200 employees
Country or Region: United Kingdom
Industry: Retail —Specialty retail
Partner: eMazzanti Technologies
Partner Website: www.emazzanti.net

Customer Profile

Timothy Oulton is a British furniture brand named after its founder and creative director. It sells its furniture in 32 locations worldwide and posted 2012 revenues of US $130 million.

Software and Services

Xerox managed print
Windows 8 Pro


Lenovo ThinkPad Twist tablet PCs
HP EliteBook Revolve tablet PCs

For more information about other eMazzanti customer successes, please visit: www.emazzanti.net/success-stories



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