Jason Wulf, MCSE

I, too, am excited about working with you guys.  I have had many consultants in here and you, by far, seem to know more about what you are doing than any of them.  I will contact Randy about ordering the server. Jason Wulf, MCSE Manager of Information Technologies

John Tworsky, Bergen County Camera

FTP works!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even with the box traffic ramps up but there is still a good margin of safety. Thank You for being the only other person in the world to entertain the posibility that my troubles came from the old firewall! Thanks, -John

Gus Aponte, Kepont Electronics, Inc.

Before MXINSPECT our server would get between 300-500 spam, spyware, junk emails per day and sometime even more, these unwanted emails would tie up memory, hard drive space, time, and there was the fear of virus infections… Carl and Doug recommended MXINSPECT and I must tell you it was one of the best IT support decisions I made…  It filters 98% of my of unwanted spam, spyware, junk emails and the ones it doesn’t get or I want to block, I can add those emails to the MXINSPECT system… Besides blocking unwanted emails we’ve had lost of power and DSL connection…


Lonny Schwartz, Supsew.com

Got your press release.  Congrats! Good things happening to good people is always a pleasure to see! -Lonny Schwartz, Supsew.com

Scott Young, PennComp LLC

The owner and team members are pure professionals through and through.  I have spent a day in their office and observed that all seemed to be running smoothly and the company is well run.  They focus on the smallest of details and work to provide strong value, quality and service with their clientele.  Their processes and procedures are documented and they follow rigid internally developed standards. They are flexible with requests/desires from clients and genuinely care about us. Good value in their webinars and newsletter as well. Keep up the great work and terrific service!

Jason Colmenero, BFJ Inc.

These folks know what they are doing and their service and commitment to us (the customer) is what you would want and expect from a top-notch support team.  Whether it’s after-hours support or emailing about product information, eMazzanti has always been willing to provide patient and world-class expertise.  They will follow-up and deliver on the commitments they make and most important to me – they are available when I need them.  It’s been a pleasure working with these “experts.”