Robert Palmese, President of Columbia Utilities

In the time that I have been a client of yours, I have had no complaints about your services, only thanks given to the support team for helping out.  You have taken a huge weight off of my shoulders by monitoring all of the computer software and hardware my company uses within the confines of my office.  You have also aided me in finding suitable software for particular needs of mine, outside the scope of your support services.

One of the most convenient aspects about your support service is that you are able to handle a vast majority of any problems that arise, remotely.  I do not have to wait for a member of your support team to make their way to my location.  Within a short period of time I either have an email or a phone call from E-Mazzanti asking me what the specific problem is, and shortly after, I am back in business!

I recollect a problem where a certain piece of hardware had a problem, and Almi came over within a few hours to set up the new piece of equipment and did not leave until it was functioning properly.

I really don’t know what else to say…….I don’t even know you guys are working hard for me, which is the best part about it.  I focus on my business, and you are focusing on the technology around my business, leaving me at peace not to have something else to worry about.  If something happens, I know it is being taken care of, and I don’t worry.

Good luck at your new location!


Robert Palmese




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