Benefits of Cloud Computing for Manufacturing Companies

3 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Manufacturing Companies

Considering taking your manufacturing company to the Cloud? You’re not alone—a 2016 survey by IDG found that 70% of companies currently use Cloud computing in some capacity. Today, it’s safe to assume that number is even higher.

While you might not think of manufacturing and Cloud computing as natural partners, the truth is, the Cloud offers many benefits to the industry that can help you take your company to the next level. Here are just a few reasons to make the switch.

  1. Access data from anywhere

Imagine being able to access your data and content from anywhere. That’s one of the key benefits Cloud computing can provide.

Rather than storing all your company files on a local server or a personal computer, you can store them in the Cloud for 24/7 availability no matter where you are. And with everything stored in one location, you’ll be able to locate critical files much more easily.

  1. Respond quickly to disasters and incidents

With your data stored in the Cloud, you can bounce back quickly from system crashes, equipment losses, and other kinds of disasters. In fact, according to the IDG survey, disaster recovery is one of the main reasons IT leaders move to Cloud computing. Not only do you have guaranteed protection for your data, but with a hosted application that powers your operations from the Cloud, you can have your programs up and running again soon after a disaster.

Cloud computing also contributes to faster incident responses. Since Cloud systems are typically larger and more capable than in-house systems, they can function more efficiently and contribute to faster response times, increasing customer satisfaction. And since the Cloud system is accessible from anywhere, your team can respond to incidents even when out of the office or on the go.

  1. Reduce your IT spending

Another popular reason for switching to Cloud computing is the money factor. As many companies have discovered, migrating to the Cloud can help you make the most of your IT budget.

With Cloud hosting, you’ll spend significantly less money buying, fixing, and updating hardware and servers. You can also reduce costs associated with staffing and security, since Cloud computing streamlines daily operations and provides an added measure of security for company data.

If cost-effective solutions, faster incident responses, and more accessible data appeal to you, eMazzanti can support you through every step of the Cloud computing process—from implementation to management, monitoring, and more.

If you’re still uncertain about Cloud computing or want to learn more about making the switch, reach out to us today for a consultation.

Bryan Antepara: IT Specialist

Bryan Antepara is a leader in Cloud engagements with a demonstrated history of digital transformation of business processes with the user of Microsoft Technologies powered by the team of eMazzanti Technologies engineers.

Bryan has a strong experience working with Office 365 cloud solutions, Business Process, Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft Office Suite, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Customer Service.

He has the ability to handle the complexity of moving data in and out of containers and cloud sessions, makes him the perfect candidate to help organizations large and small migrate to new and more efficient platforms.  Bryan is a graduate of the University of South Florida and is Microsoft Certification holder.



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