Business IT Investment

Optimize and Protect Your Business IT Investment

Your business relies on technology in numerous ways. Some are obvious, like the office network, desktop computers, and laptops. Some are not. For example, email security and cloud backups can make or break a business but may not be top of mind when you consider your business IT investment.

Essential Technology to Optimize and Protect Your Business IT Investment

Assembling all the technology components needed to run a business in a secure and productive way is a daunting task for many, particularly for smaller businesses. Consequently, they tend to underinvest in technology and cyber security.

Consider these essential components of business technology:

  1. Network Monitoring and Management – Proactively monitors your network for issues to keep your tech efficient and secure.
  2. Email Defense – Protects you from email threats including phishing, malware, spam, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content.
  3. Productivity and Collaboration Tools – Best-in-class productivity tools, security, and device management capabilities enable safe and efficient business operations.
  4. Reliable Data Backup – Enterprise-grade data protection with unlimited backup for Microsoft 365 business data
  5. Email Management – A reliable IT resource for organizing, monitoring, and securing your mailbox

A one-stop IT services provider capably elevates your business to the level of technology needed to succeed in your industry. They guide business leaders through all the options to select those most important to their success and survival.

Business IT Investment

Network Monitoring and Management

Business success depends on the performance and security of business assets. Business leaders who optimize and protect their IT investment with comprehensive IT security, support, implementation, and maintenance remove obstacles to success. They also empower employees to work more productively and collaborate from anywhere.

Essential network monitoring and management features include:

Automated Network Monitoring – Monitors equipment 24X7 and automatically creates a support ticket if a problem is detected. Applies patches and performs virus, malware, and disk cleanup regularly.

Reliable Network Operation – Professional IT support provides whatever it takes to get the network back up and keep it running. You want to be able to call at anytime from anywhere and get the fastest response possible.

Cost Efficient – Support services keep hardware running smoothly and software up to date for pennies per day per server, desktop, or laptop.

Flexibility and Control – Customers control variable costs. When problems arise, they review reports and support tickets and choose the billed services to be performed.

Email Security, Continuity and Archiving

Small businesses get hit by the same advanced attacks that target large organizations. They need a security solution just as effective with a single interface to provide more security and less management overhead.

Modern email filtering protects organizations from email threats including phishing, malware, spam, and other forms of undesirable content. It leverages enterprise-grade technologies in a suite designed for small business.

Cloud-based enterprise-grade email security, continuity and archiving products designed specifically for smaller businesses leverage enterprise-class security and infrastructure. They employ the same technology that protects some of the largest and most security conscious companies in the world.

Business IT Investment

Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Microsoft 365 enables any size business to chat, call, host online meetings, and collaborate in real time, whether working remotely or onsite. Customers get one integrated productivity solution including Teams, OneDrive cloud storage, and all the Office apps with advanced security options—at an affordable price.

Cloud Backup

Businesses need one data protection solution for their most critical Microsoft 365 services. Microsoft’s service agreement recommends that customers regularly backup their data using third-party services.

Data protection for Microsoft 365 ensures better business continuity for businesses of all sizes. Many small businesses are not aware or prepared for the impacts on their operations of data loss. A reliable cloud backup helps to minimize these risks.

Ideally, you want automated backups with no limits. For example, snapshots of your Microsoft 365 data automatically saved up to six times a day, with no storage limits, or overages.

Industry-leading Data Protection

With Azure Backup, for example, data never leaves Microsoft Azure, arming you with Azure’s built-in security and data governance measures. Additionally, Azure encrypts your data with 256-bit encryption at-rest and 128-bit encryption in-transit.

Flexible Restore Options

Modern cloud backups enable full, granular, and point-in-time restore options with a simple click. This empowers users to mitigate data loss events, bad actors, and service outages on-premises and in the cloud.

Business IT Investment

Email Management

Managed mailbox services include resetting user passwords, specialized access to mailboxes, creating/managing distribution groups, and offboarding terminated employees. Expert email consultants diagnose mail flow issues, create custom mail rules, manage SharePoint and Teams, and manage multi-factor authentication, among other specialized email management tasks.

Optimize and Protect Your Business IT Investment

Forward-looking business leaders meet with business technology consultants to discuss how to run their business in the most safe and productive way. Technology experts review your business, how you use technology, and how to optimize and protect your business IT investment. You’ll develop a plan and choose the IT service agreement that works best for your organization.

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