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How to Make Your IT Effective in the New Normal

With mounting economic pressure on every business, it’s time to allocate your technology resources wisely by deploying the right tools. Without the right systems in place, you risk inconsistent customer communication, data security breaches and significant overspending. To make your IT effective in the new normal consider these realities:

    • In response to COVID-19, cyber-criminals stepped up their game, increasing hacking and phishing attacks dramatically.
    • With few workers at the office, they started attacking them at home.
    • This behavior drove corporations and email platforms to tighten up message receipt restrictiveness. Consequently, your email might not be getting through.
    • In addition, your cyber-security protection efforts, if untested, may not be working. By measuring their effectiveness, you can improve and fix what’s not working.
    • Months into the pandemic, many WFH employees still are not set up to work from home effectively. Thus, you may be losing productivity and revenue.
    • Corporate staff now depends on video communication. The right communication tools enable effective collaboration and continuity.

Are Your IT Resources Effective in the New Normal?

Carl Mazzanti, an IT consultant with a 20-year track record of success in navigating multiple disasters and economic downturns addresses these concerns in a complimentary webinar that includes three valuable offers.

Watch the webinar recording, Are Your IT Resources Effective in the New Normal?

The webinar covers 3 key areas of your IT infrastructure that can save you money while keeping your reputation intact and all your business assets safe.

    1. Email Deliverability and Security – To build confidence with customers, you need to ensure your marketing and sales communications are not blocked as spam. Also stop inbound malicious email content, which can destroy your business and reputation.
    2. Cyber Security Protection – Is your team securing your digital assets? If so, are they frequently testing to identify and address potential weaknesses? If they aren’t, others can take advantage of gaps in your security. We’ll discuss all the tools you’ll need to assess your organizations health when it comes to potential breaches and attacks.
    3. Your New Remote Workforce – Is your team prepared to address the concerns of data leaks and unauthorized access when using their devices for work? Enabling the right tools provides you with the peace of mind that your staff is working as they should, and only have access to the right data at the right time.

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Webinar Offers

Offer 1 – Dark Web Monitoring Free Web Scan – Is your information on the dark web? Contact us today for a Free Preliminary Dark Web Scan!

Offer 2 – Email Deliverability Services – Are you confident that your email is getting through? Find out with an email deliverability test.

Offer 3 – Email Protection Services Set up DKIM to protect your employees and customers from targeted email attacks.

Effective in the New Normal Webinar Takeaways

In the informative webinar, relatable business IT veteran, Carl Mazzanti explains the things you must do to prosper in the new normal.

    • Find out why your emails are not getting through.
    • Also, learn the three one-time setups to validate that what you send will be received and what you receive is from a source you trust.
    • In addition, ensure your marketing and sales communications are not being blocked as spam.
    • Also, stop inbound malicious email content.
    • Identify the tools you need to assess your organizations health when it comes to potential breaches and attacks.
    • Then, enable the right tools to address the concerns of data leaks and unauthorized access when using home devices for work.
    • Get your Work From Home space set up properly now.
    • Learn how to Ideate and Iterate in Real Time to improve collaboration.
    • Also, learn about Virtual Huddles.

Watch the webinar recording, Are Your IT Resources Effective in the New Normal?

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Help is on the Way

eMazzanti Technologies provides remote service to help business leaders pivot their IT to the new normal. In fact, eMazzanti’s engineers possess the tools to remote control any device in the world that you initiate. The #1 MSP in retail, eMazzanti can dispatch anywhere in the world. Reach out to an organization like ourselves and we’ll help you get there.

The New Normal IT webinar is the first in a 12-month series of informative sessions covering small and mid-sized business topics important to our customers. Please join us as we explore ways to grow your business with technology.

About Carl Mazzanti

The webinar features Carl Mazzanti, President and Co-founder of eMazzanti Technologies. He understands small business and wants business owners to thrive in the COVID-19 business new normal.

Carl only hires engineers who worked in high school because that screens best for responsibility and work ethic. Every one of his tech staff is multi-lingual, because science has shown that people who switch between languages solve problems faster.

His company lies at the pandemic epicenter. His one-mile square town of Hoboken has more infections than the entire state of Hawaii. Forced to work remotely, he knows how to do it, is on track to double his business in the second half of 2020 and is helping other businesses pivot efficiently and securely.

Why eMazzanti Technologies

For 19 years, eMazzanti Technologies has been helping organizations navigate the technology landscape to achieve their business goals. Achieving award-winning growth, eMazzanti offers 24/7 x 365 international support in Spanish, Italian, French, Albanian, and Sri Lankan. Furthermore, the company maintains offices on the East and West Coast, in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Born in a crisis (9/11), eMazzanti exists to help your business survive and thrive in this new normal. To learn more, view the Effective in the New Normal Webinar or contact us directly at 201-360-4400 or [email protected].

With a new paradigm in business IT, make the PIVOT now. eMazzanti Technologies works hard to be the long-term IT partner you need to help your business prosper in the new normal.

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