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eMazzanti in the News – ChannelProNetwork

channelpronetwork .com May 12, 2016

eMazzanti in the News – ChannelProNetwork

Visionary Moments  

Three examples from the last year of the bold thinking that earned this year’s honorees a place on our 20/20 Visionaries list. By Rich Freeman

The best measure of your success, Carl Mazzanti likes to say, is a customer opening up his or her wallet to give you another dollar.

By that measure, eMazzanti Technologies, the full-service Hoboken, N.J.-based IT consultancy he serves as CEO, has been successful indeed, growing 129 percent in three years.

With that success came East Coast clients that have West Coast branches. And soon, as people in those West Coast offices talked up eMazzanti to their peers, the company was working with companies based exclusively in the Pacific time zone as well. Supporting them from the Northeast entailed large volumes of late hours, cross-country flights, and long-distance calls.


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