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eMazzanti Video Highlights Reliable Retail Technology and Service for Global Jewelry Company

Pandora Jewelry employees extol retail technology with customized and personalized service for hundreds of individual stores in a new video from eMazzanti Technologies

Hoboken, New Jersey – (Cision) February 8, 2017 – eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area retail technology consultant and MSP, recently released a video spotlighting the reliability of POS systems and personalized service the company provides to Pandora jewelry retailers. The video features the Times Square Pandora location, one of more than 2,000 concept stores in the Denmark jewelry manufacturer’s retail chain.

In the short video, Pandora employees explain the importance of reliable tablet POS systems supported by eMazzanti. The mobile POS terminals are critical to delivering the beginning-to-end consumer experience that international and local customers receive at the company’s stores. They also report that using eMazzanti as an integral part of their store opening process, “was the best thing that ever happened to us.”

“Delivering an exceptional consumer experience for Pandora customers is our joint mission,” stated Almi Dumi, Project Lead, eMazzanti Technologies. “Pandora’s success is our success.”

View the complete video here: eMazzanti Technologies: Retail Solutions for Pandora Times Square

Excerpts from the video transcript

“We have customers that come in and want to be serviced right away or that want to have an experience. Technology is a major part of that customer service. We have to have a reliable system, and eMazzanti does that for us.”

“When we opened our first store, eMazzanti was not part of the plan in opening the store. Big mistake! We opened this store, eMazzanti was, from the beginning to the end, fully integrated into our system, and it was the best thing that ever happened to us.”

“The quintessential element that eMazzanti brings to our stores is the customized and personalized service they give us. Each store has different needs. eMazzanti makes sure Pandora can focus on what we do best, making memories.”

“eMazzanti Rocks!” several employees exclaim near the end of the video, which runs two minutes and 15 seconds. The Pandora video will be used in eMazzanti’s marketing campaigns targeted at multi-location retailers, an important segment for the company.

Retail Technology from eMazzanti

eMazzanti Technologies functions as a one-stop network security, PCI compliance, digital video security and retail technology solution partner for most Pandora franchise locations in the U.S. The company also provides network management, digital marketing services, disaster recovery, ecommerce, payment automation, and merchant services to global retail organizations.

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