Essential Apparel Weaves New Windows 7 Solutions with Help From eMazzanti Technologies

A new business-focused case study that chronicles the benefits of Windows 7 technology for, seller of brand-name apparel, lingerie and outerwear, has been published by Microsoft.’s IT consultant, eMazzanti Technologies, secured the case study opportunity for the firm as part of an early-adopter program for Windows 7 called Ignite. Only a few dozen companies in the US were invited to participate. “Because of the strong relationship with Microsoft, we regularly get asked to nominate outstanding clients that get to be first technology movers,” noted Carl Mazzanti, chief executive office, eMazzanti Technologies. “ is a great example of a forward-thinking customer that aggressively seeks the best technology solutions it can find.”

eMazzanti Technologies helped discover a number of Windows 7 features that are accelerating order processing and improving customer support. “Speed of business and managing costs are our two evergreen challenges,” commented Kim Hubelbank, Director of Systems, “We’re constantly looking for operational efficiencies.”

“The full case study identifies six ways is benefiting from the Windows 7 technology and our IT expertise,” said Mazzanti. “Following are three examples.”

New Custom Gadget Boosts Productivity by 15 Percent

Essential Apparel took advantage of the custom gadget capability in Windows 7 and improved productivity. “eMazzanti created a custom gadget—Essential Gadget— that enables us to monitor pick, pack and ship status. It’s probably responsible for a 15 percent boost in productivity all by itself,” said Hubelbank.

ReadyBoost Betters Bottom Line by $15,000

Essential Apparel has discovered another area of savings attributable to features in Windows 7 such as ReadyBoost, a temporary RAM solution that speeds up a computer without having to invest in new equipment. The company has a number of legacy machines that were not powerful enough to run previous operating systems but now can be “supped-up” with USB sticks providing temporary RAM.  Said Hubelbank, “Approximately a third of our machines can be re-purposed saving us an estimated $15,000.”

Better Windows 7 Search Capabilities Supports Faster Customer Service

Long phone calls with customers kill profitability. Essential Apparel loves its customers but it must help them quickly and professionally is order to stay profitable and competitive.  However, it must adequately answer questions on size, color, availability, ship time, to satisfy customer needs.  eMazzanti had a Windows 7 inspired solution. “Federated Search is immediately benefiting our call center customer service reps. They can rapidly search and find detailed information on products that may have taken 30 minutes or more to discover and a second phone call to resolve,” commented Hubelbank.

About eMazzanti Technologies
eMazzanti Technologies works with businesses to provide strategies for growth through the use of intelligent technology tools. From business process analysis to network design, security planning to preventative maintenance, the firm’s services all aim to reduce costs, mitigate risk and drive revenue for its clients. eMazzanti also offers an extensive portfolio of network products from the leading technology manufacturers. The best advocates for eMazzanti Technologies are its clients. The firm services businesses throughout the New York Metropolitan area and in three countries worldwide ranging from home office environments to multinational corporations with mission-critical needs. These organizations rely on eMazzanti as their technology management partner. As clients grow and needs change, eMazzanti’s flexible, scalable customer engagement model adapts to meet the aspirations of each business. eMazzanti forms long-term relationships with clients that value stability and reliability in their IT partners. An innovative and comprehensive approach to technology services has earned eMazzanti the trust of a rapidly growing client base and recognition by many of the industry’s foremost publications. For more information or to download a free copy of the complete case study, please visit



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