Expand Your Business with Remote Desktop Services (Formerly Terminal Services)

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is one of those amazing technologies that often triggers a first response like, “I wish I’d heard about this sooner!”

Why so terrific? Because, this nifty business tool enables users to access their Windows desktops and applications from anywhere on the Internet, or from within a business network. If you don’t recognize it, it’s because many know the product by its former name, Terminal Services.

The popular Microsoft remote access technology enables a secure connection and a rich desktop experience. Thus, it looks and works just like your Windows desktop or application is right there in front of you, allowing employees to work from virtually anywhere.

Expand Beyond the Office

Remote Desktop Services extends the organization beyond the office walls, enabling increased productivity and exciting new capabilities. Key benefits include:

  • Remote access to organization applications and resources from anywhere
  • Increased security for intellectual property and simplified regulatory compliance
  • Unified administration
  • User personalization
  • Less expensive storage

The fact that no critical data is stored on remote workstations makes Remote Desktop Services ideal for organizations with mobile, contract or work-from-home employees.

15 Terrific Ways to Use Remote Desktop Services

Extend your company network around the world! To get started, here are just a few of the exciting ways to build and streamline your business with Remote Desktop Services:

  1. Remote Desktop Services LogoOpen a remote office and inexpensively access the home office software.
  2. Give field employees access to data entry functions to reduce duplicate work and trips to the office.
  3. Host your accounting software with a cloud company and provide access to accountants and part-time bookkeepers working from home.
  4. Inexpensive retail showroom customer kiosks with centralized control.
  5. Shop floor workstations where damage to computer equipment is possible.
  6. Workstations in an environment where data is valuable but physical access is not secured.
  7. Access your windows ERP software from a non-Windows workstation to perform both design and management tasks.
  8. Provide vendor access to inquiry and order systems to streamline supply chain operations.
  9. Make financial reporting options available to board members and investors.
  10. Set up shared workstations to support multiple employees with similar or different jobs on separate shifts.
  11. Conduct effective and reliable software demonstrations on the prospect’s computers without installing the software.
  12. Provide remote access to software engineers for support.
  13. Limited, secure access for off-site contract employees.
  14. Work from home (in your pajamas).
  15. Work from anywhere in the world (on the beach).

IT managers love Remote Desktop Services because it accelerates and extends deployments to any device. In addition, faster set-up and broader access improves remote worker efficiency. Finally, centralized data storage helps to keep critical intellectual property secure, simplifying regulatory compliance.

Updated User Experience

Remote Desktop ServicesEven though it’s already straightforward, the Remote Desktop Services user experience keeps getting better as new versions become available. The UX in Windows Server 2012 includes:

  • A rich Windows desktop remoting experience
  • Smooth audio and video playback
  • Rich graphics and video user experience over a WAN
  • True Multi-Touch and gesture remoting
  • Email name discovery and subscription to remote resources

The Windows 10 version of the Remote Desktop App is currently rolling out. So, if you don’t have it installed already, the app is available from the Windows Store by searching for Remote Desktop.

Endless Possibilities with Remote Desktop Services

In conclusion, remote Desktop Services removes barriers to access and productivity in today’s flexible work environments. Increased data security for remote workers also makes it a must for organizations with strict compliance rules. Finally, with your network extended virtually across the Internet, the potential to easily expand business operations into new locations becomes limitless.

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