IoT Home Technology

IoT Home Technology Comes of Age

You already know the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) at work. You monitor office security with an app. Connected point of sale systems feed data to your online inventory and analytics. Now more than ever, you can bring that convenience home with the new generation of IoT home technology.

Once an expensive curiosity, smart home technology has matured. The latest versions of products offer solid benefits at reasonable prices. With greater connectivity, you can save time and energy and keep your family safe, with the touch of a button or a simple voice command.

Some of the new products available:

Improved Security

Smart doorbells continue to add features. You already expect excellent video quality and two-way audio that allows you to speak with visitors even when you are away from home. Add infrared night vision, motion sensors and quiet mode, even facial recognition from Nest and feel the peace of mind.

Pair a smart doorbell with a smart lock for maximum benefit. The latest August Smart Lock offers new DoorSense technology. Monitor your door remotely or give virtual keys to those who need access. Auto unlock detects your arrival, and the new sensor tells you if your door is left open or opens while you are gone.

Smarter Kitchens

Samsung and LG have enhanced their smart refrigerators and lowered the price. Track expiration dates or view the contents of your refrigerator from the grocery store. Maintain memos and grocery lists, read recipes or watch videos, on the touch screen display. Order groceries or check your calendar by voice command.

IoT home technology covers cooking, as well. The June Intelligent Oven allows even the kitchen-challenged among us to whip up tasty dinners with ease. This countertop smart oven recognizes the food inside, senses its weight and cooks it to perfection according to a large database of recipes.

IoT Home Technology

Simplified Home Maintenance

Robot vacuums are nothing new. However, the Neato Botvac Connected D7 just raised the bar. Like other robot vacuums, the D7 keeps your house clean while you work or play. In addition, with the improved mapping function, you can mark “no go” boundaries to keep the vacuum away from the dog’s water bowl or tricky corners.

The outdoor cousin of the robot vacuum, the robot lawn mower, has grown up, as well. Program your mower to run on set days or times, or control it remotely with your smartphone. Some models offer multi-zone capability, so that the mower takes itself from one section of the lawn to another. Play with your kids and let the mower groom the lawn.

5 IoT Home Technology Devices to Get You Started

Perhaps $200 for a doorbell or $3,000 for a refrigerator feels a bit pricey right now. If you want to dip your toes in the water first without breaking the bank, these five excellent IoT home technology devices sell for under $100.

• Philips Hue White Smart Bulb Starter Kit — Set timers and schedules or control your lights remotely. ($50)

• TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug — Turn any legacy device into smart tech with this smart outlet. Schedule the coffee maker to wake you with hot coffee or turn on the living room lights with a voice command. ($23)

IoT Home Technology• Echo Dot (2nd Generation) — Not just for music anymore! Control most of your smart devices via voice command. Hundreds of devices are now Alexa-compatible, from lighting to home security to smart thermostats and more. ($30)

• Roost 9V Smart Battery — No more chirps in the middle of the night from your smoke alarm’s aging battery. Roost not only sends emergency alerts to your phone, but also tells you when the battery is running low. ($35)

• Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Controller — Two hours down the road, and you remember that you left your garage door open? Close it with an app on your phone. The MyQ controller tells you when the garage is left open or when it opens and closes. ($95)

Work Smart, Live Smart

Now more robust and feature-rich, IoT home technology brings convenience to your front door, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most. Efficiency and security need not be complicated. Save energy, protect your family, and jump into the future with a wide variety of items to fit most budgets.

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