Multiple Computer Monitors

IT Consultant Reports Multiple Monitors Increase Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Technical support team uses four monitors per tech to increase productivity, reduce response times and elevate job satisfaction

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (Vocus) July 17, 2014 – A new article from eMazzanti Technologies cites both outside professional research and in-house experience to show that multiple monitors (four per technician in this case) increase staff productivity up to 65% with a resulting increase in customer satisfaction. The article makes a strong case for multiple monitor setups which have been questioned in some recent publications.

“Limiting yourself to a single monitor is like having a desk the size of a single piece of notebook paper. More digital workspace always translates into more productivity,” stated Carl Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti, Technologies

The informative article, “Multiple Monitors Increase Support Staff Productivity and Customer Satisfaction,” identifies the specific benefits of using multiple monitors and lists highlights from the substantial industry research to back up the IT Consulting company’s figures and experience. Below are a few excerpts. Click here for the complete article.

eMazzanti Improves Customer Service with Quad Monitors

The engineers at eMazzanti Technologies use multiple monitors, usually four per technician, to improve their performance and provide faster and more effective customer service.

The extra monitors put more information within their field of view, allowing them to work faster, resolving problems in less time. For example: they can access the customer’s desktop or server remotely while referencing a knowledgebase, the customer’s history and job ticket all at the same time.

“Adding a second monitor meant an instant 20 to 30 percent increase in productivity,” said Mazzanti. “For every monitor we added after that, we’ve seen a three to five percent improvement. You may be able to get a 50 to 65 percent bump in productivity overall…”

Dual Monitor Research Agrees

At least five studies in the past ten years have concluded that multiple monitors and increased monitor size improve employee productivity, including:

  • “Monitor Size and Aspect Ratio Productivity Research,” conducted by the University of Utah (2008, commissioned by NEC)
  • “Lightweight Task/Application Performance using Single versus Multiple Monitors: A Comparative Study,” conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology (2008)

Additional studies

The Utah study shows a 44% productivity increase in text-based apps and 29% in spreadsheet tasks when switching from a single 17” screen to a dual 19” monitor configuration. The time saved equals 56 days of work per employee per year.

Participants in the Georgia study completed a set of tasks nearly 2.5 minutes faster using a dual-monitor setup than with a single monitor, amounting to 40 minutes saved per day…

The Bottom Line

It’s hard to quantify all of the benefits of using extra monitors. But studies, including our own, have demonstrated that using multiple and larger displays can dramatically increase productivity and worker satisfaction. In a customer service setting that translates to faster response times and happier customers and employees. That will add dollars to any company’s bottom line.

“The return on investment on multiple monitors is so overwhelmingly fast, it’s a decision most companies should have made yesterday,” summarized Mazzanti.

Read the full article, Multiple Monitors Increase Support Staff Productivity and Customer Satisfaction


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