Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services Provider Delivers Optimal Performance and Security

A secure, efficient network forms the backbone of a growing business, but managing the network can prove challenging without the necessary expertise. Security breaches, slow performance, and compliance violations will derail productivity and harm both reputation and profitability. A managed network services provider can help.

When businesses hire an outside provider to manage and maintain their network, they gain access to top-level expertise and tools. This translates into improved network performance and critical security gains. At the same time, the business can easily scale services up or down to match business needs, all without the burden of huge capital expenditures.

Optimal Network Design and Performance

Determining the right technology strategy to align with business goals requires an up-to-date knowledge of both available tools and the security landscape. Hiring that expertise in-house can prove beyond the reach of a small business. But with managed services, organizations gain access to an entire team of experts.

For example, Chatham Township in New Jersey needed to modernize their technology infrastructure. With their existing hodgepodge of software, they experienced crippling email problems and troubling cyber security concerns. To solve these problems, they turned to managed network services provider eMazzanti Technologies.

After an initial assessment of current platforms and critical needs, eMazzanti engineers made essential security updates. They then updated network configurations to support remote work and streamline collaboration. Working with managed services to use the right technology more efficiently, the township increased accuracy and productivity, as well as security.

Managed Network Services

Enhanced Security and Compliance

A mismanaged network opens the door for hackers to access sensitive data such as customer information or financial records. And these data breaches cost organizations millions of dollars in fines, lawsuits, and downtime.

By partnering with managed network services, companies close a dangerous cyber security skills gap. Certified, experienced analysts and engineers will conduct risk assessments to identify security vulnerabilities and outline a plan for remediation. This will include implementing security best practices such as encryption, MFA, automated backups, and more.

Then, through automated system monitoring, the provider will monitor the network 24/7. In this way, they can identify and resolve potential security and compliance issues before they cause any damage.

Increased Scalability and Cost Management

For a growing business, the traditional IT model can prove both expensive and risky. Capital costs for network equipment, combined with licensing fees and unpredictable system failures or cyber attacks play havoc with the budget. And guessing at future network demands can mean that businesses pay for unused storage and licenses or scramble to upgrade services in time.

Managed network services take the pain out of scaling up or down to match business trends. In the typical managed services model, the organization pays a monthly fee based on an easily scalable service contract. Adding or removing cloud storage, licenses, or features takes just minutes.

Also, because the provider implements and maintains the technology, the company can take advantage of up-to-date technology without significant capital expense. This evens the playing field, allowing even small businesses to benefit from enterprise-level services and tools.

Managed Network Services

Choosing the Right Managed Network Services Provider

While leveraging managed network services can improve security and productivity, businesses need to carefully consider the options available. Look for a provider with a proven track record of delivering high-quality managed services to similar businesses. Check their credentials, certifications, references, and reviews to verify their expertise and reliability.

Additionally, look closely at the service level agreement (SLA) to clearly understand the included services, as well as the guaranteed performance metrics. Ensure that the provider offers 24/7 support and communication channels suited to your preferences and needs. And ask to see the policies and procedures for securing their network and data centers against attack.

eMazzanti Technologies, a leading provider of managed network services, delivers peace of mind with award-winning expertise and proven tools. With eCare Compliance, organizations stay connected and secure. Remote, real-time monitoring and network management lowers maintenance costs while streamlining operations.

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