Managed Services Improve Cyber Security

4 Ways Managed Services Improve Cyber Security

Business life in 2020 has experienced a perfect storm of cyber security threats. Remote work expands the attack surface. Meanwhile, cyber criminals grow increasingly sophisticated, while a shortage of cyber security professionals leaves many businesses without adequate protection. Fortunately, managed services improve cyber security in several critical areas.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

In late 2019, (ISC)2, a major nonprofit organization of cyber security professionals, conducted a study of the cyber security workforce. The study showed that the skills gap continues to widen. In fact, to adequately meet the data security needs of American organizations, the cyber security workforce would need to increase by 62 percent.

That means that as security threats increase, organizations find themselves without adequate resources to protect critical data assets. Increasingly, businesses turn to managed services providers (MSPs) to fill that skills gap. With managed services, businesses of all sizes can access the expertise of certified, experienced analysts and engineers.

Furthermore, because cyber security represents a significant focus for MSPs, they stay up to date on the latest trends, tools and threats. Thus, managed services improve cyber security by analyzing your organization’s needs and applying the right combination of skills and tools.

Managed Services Improve Cyber Security

Proactive, 24/7 Monitoring

Another significant way that managed services improve cyber security involves system monitoring. A reputable MSP will provide monitoring not just during business hours, but 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Using machine learning, for instance, your MSP can identify unusual activity and proactively address issues even before a breach occurs.

Monitoring can include both your network and your cloud infrastructure, thus addressing the numerous data access points. Additionally, many providers offer automated compliance monitoring. With privacy and security regulations affecting industries across the board, compliance monitoring saves countless headaches and protects your business reputation.

Vulnerability Identification and Remediation

The MSP typically conducts risk assessments to determine the state of your organization’s cyber security and make recommendations. In the process, they will likely conduct vulnerability scans and penetration testing.

A vulnerability scan often uses automated tools to identify weaknesses in the perimeter, places where unauthorized persons could enter the system. Penetration testing goes further. Essentially, a penetration test simulates an actual cyber-attack, with a skilled tester acting like a hacker to try and exploit weaknesses.

Some regulations require vulnerability scans and penetration testing on a regular basis. Whether required or not, they form an essential part of a comprehensive cyber security strategy.

Managed Services Improve Cyber Security

User Education

The human factor remains an often overlooked weak link in data security. For example, one employee may click a link in an email, unwittingly downloading malware. Another responds to a seemingly urgent, but fraudulent, phishing email. Many use weak and easily exploited passwords or store password lists in files on the network.

One service many MSPs offer involves providing security training for your staff. Regular, focused user education reminds employees of security best practices. And when you back up that education with automated policies for passwords, email and file sharing, you strengthen your security posture. MSPs help with policy implementation, as well.

Discover How Managed Services Improve Cyber Security

For nearly twenty years, eMazzanti has helped organizations of all sizes secure their critical data assets. Proactive network monitoring, email security and comprehensive threat detection are just a few of the ways eMazzanti’s award-winning managed services improve cyber security.

Customizable security offerings also include services such as dark web monitoring, patch management, web filtering and predictive security. eMazzanti’s security professionals conduct a risk assessment and work closely with you to implement a comprehensive cyber security strategy that meets your specific needs and budget.

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