Your Manufacturing Company May be a Prime Target for Cybercrime

Whether you produce automobiles or textiles, as a manufacturing company, your primary focus is output. You’re committed to ensuring the quality of your product, while increasing the efficiency of your process. However, you may want to turn your attention away from what’s leaving your company and take a look at what could be coming in.

Manufacturing has recently jumped to number two on the list of industries most vulnerable to cyber attack, ranked just one notch below the notoriously at-risk healthcare industry.

We uncover the security flaws behind manufacturing’s dramatic leap towards the top of the list, before telling you how to defend against cyber attacks to beat the odds.

Why Manufacturing? Why Now?

Manufacturing-Company-CybercrimeIn May, hackers attacked automobile titan, Nissan. The following month, they came for the construction materials company, St. Gobain. Recent examples of manufacturing companies falling victim to cyber attack abound. Why your industry? Why now?

Whereas list topper, healthcare, appeals to hackers seeking patients’ Social Security numbers, medical records, and other sensitive information, hackers who attack manufacturing are usually after intellectual property.

For seasoned cyber criminals, hacking a manufacturing company is easy money. Because manufacturing is not held to the same security standards as B2C industries such as eCommerce, manufacturers tend to rely on outdated cyber security measures. Hackers are using older viruses, such as Heartbleed and Shellshock, as well as classic email phishing scams to penetrate manufacturing’s weak walls of defense and steal irreplaceable intellectual property.

Your database houses revolutionary ideas. It may be time to rethink how to protect them.

How to Protect Yourself

If you are one of the many manufacturing companies guarding valuable intellectual property with lax security, it is only a matter of time before you fall from successful business to cautionary tale. It might be time to rebuild your cyber security system. eMazzanti can help.

Providing services like 24/7 network monitoring and business continuity consultation, eMazzanti aims to protect all aspects of your business to help you become the exception in an industry at risk. Our team of experts will examine your current system and assess its unique vulnerabilities to devise a custom solution.

When the odds are against you, eMazzanti is with you. Contact us and together, we’ll draft a blueprint of your new and improved cyber security plan.



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