MSPs Empower Remote Work

MSPs Empower Remote Work with Flexible Solutions

By summertime, nearly half of the U.S. workforce reported working from home full-time. Even after the pandemic, many employees will continue to work remotely at least part-time. Managed services providers (MSPs) help make that possible. By providing increased security, cloud services and collaboration tools, MSPs empower remote work.

Long before 2020, work-at-home numbers began a steady climb. Remote work benefits businesses by reducing overhead costs and allowing hiring managers to seek talent without regard to location. On the other hand, workers benefit from increased flexibility, often reporting greater productivity when they work from home.

At the same time, remote work brings inherent challenges. Stretching the security perimeter to include home offices makes businesses substantially more vulnerable to cyber-attack. At the same time, employees need ready access to the tools and documents necessary for their work. And team members require the ability to collaborate easily, even across distance.

Fortunately, MSPs offer a wealth of expertise and the ability to customize and scale solutions to business needs, filling a critical need.

Exceptional Security

An increasingly mobile workforce greatly expands the attack surface, putting organizations at risk. A single employee may connect to the network from a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone. Additionally, organizations must secure not only company-owned devices, but also personal devices used to conduct business.

MSPs Empower Remote Work
Msps Empower Remote Work 2

The security industry provides a host of solutions, from mobile device management to endpoint protection platform solutions and AI-driven threat detection. But deciphering the possibilities and implementing targeted solutions can prove complicated. Enter the managed services provider.

Your MSP will assist you in choosing the right combination of cyber security solutions and provide input regarding best practices. They will also help configure your network to handle an increase in remote connections and provide 24/7 network monitoring. Reliable backups, patch management and antivirus for all devices provide additional, essential data protection.

Working Seamlessly in the Cloud

The remote employee may start a project on her laptop in the morning, later adding a quick edit on her tablet while waiting for a meeting. She will access the client database and update sales projections from home and from the road. While working away from the office, she must have real-time access to the latest versions of all relevant files and applications.

For organizations that have migrated to the cloud, remote workers can access their work seamlessly from any location with internet. And for those organizations not yet working in the cloud, MSPs can help you choose the right tools and migrate smoothly. Once in the cloud, your service provider will help ensure that your information stays safe and secure.

MSPs Empower Remote Work

Productive Collaboration Across Distance

Cloud-based collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams prove essential for remote workers. With chat and video capabilities embedded into familiar applications such as Word, the desktop becomes a conference table. Team members co-edit documents in real time as if working in the same room.

MSPs empower remote work by helping you configure applications to get the most out of the available tools. For instance, a Microsoft Partner can suggest features you may not have discovered. And they can help you train employees who may not be familiar with new tools.

Discover How MSPs Empower Remote Work in Your Industry

With eMazzanti at your side, you have access to a wealth of expertise. We deliver enterprise-grade security solutions, protecting any device, anywhere. And with deep experience in the cloud, we can help you optimize your remote work environment while saving money.

For nearly twenty years, eMazzanti has delivered powerful solutions, customized to fit business needs. Contact us today and explore the many ways MSPs empower remote work.

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