New Jersey Township

New Jersey Township Secures Long-Term Technology Partner to Modernize Operations

Chatham Township, New Jersey saves money, improves services, and sees increased accuracy, productivity, and security—in a new municipal technology case study

Hoboken, NJ (Cision)  July 12, 2021 – eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area managed services provider and local government IT consultant published a new municipal IT case study. The customer success story describes the benefits of an eMazzanti assessment, technology and security upgrades, and Microsoft 365 migration for New Jersey Township, Chatham.

The informative case study relates how eMazzanti engineers first performed an expert assessment of the Township’s systems. The assessment also led them to recommend Microsoft operating system upgrades, a complete migration to Microsoft 365, and security updates.

According to the study, the project began in early 2020. The Township sought and engaged eMazzanti as a long-term technology partner that could help them grow strategically, upgrade and migrate systems properly. Leaders also looked for a technology company that could provide training as well as cybersecurity.

“With eMazzanti’s help, we’re more collaborative, we’re able to solve problems faster, and provide better customer service. That’s our bottom line,” stated Robert Hoffman, Township Administrator, C11hatham Township, New Jersey

Below are a few excerpts from the case study: “Chatham Township Finds Long-Term Technology Partner to Modernize Operations.”

Digital Building Plans Save $10,000+ Per Year

“Because they’re now on the current Microsoft platform, Chatham has reached a point that they can receive building plans electronically, eliminating 22 sets printed on 72-inch paper.”

“This is going to save us a minimum of $10,000 a year and save the applicant $2,500 for each set of plans that don’t have to be printed,” explained Hoffman. “We’re saving trees and reducing the cost of special folders as well as fuel and man hours to deliver plans.”

New Jersey Township

Increased Accuracy, Productivity and Security

“Now standardized on Microsoft 365 and Outlook, the Township has more staff using Microsoft email.”

“And because we’re now using the most up to date versions of Microsoft products, we’re able to do more work with the same number of people,” stated Hoffman. “We also have fewer errors because the formulas are not getting blown up going from one version to another.”

Remote Work Enabled

“When COVID struck, the updated Microsoft software allowed staff to work remotely. ‘That’s important because we didn’t lose productivity,’ related Hoffman.”

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New Administrator Seeks Modernization

Chatham Township is a suburban community located in Morris County, New Jersey. When he joined Chatham in early 2019, Township Administrator, Robert Hoffman, brought a history of administrative modernization. But he found an outdated technology infrastructure.

According to Hoffman, Chatham did not have an IT plan, backbone or even a good backup. In addition, they operated with two servers and a hodgepodge of software. Staff used several different versions of Microsoft Office, including 2010, 2013, and unsupported versions. Chatham also experienced email delays and problems with attachments.

New Jersey Township Infrastructure Upgrades

Since 2001, eMazzanti Technologies has been helping municipal governments improve service and increase productivity and security with IT infrastructure upgrades. New Jersey Township and other municipal government leaders count on eMazzanti’s deep government technology background and training to cut costs and drive service, productivity, and security improvements.

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