Peek at the Future of Video Conferencing

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (Vocus) October 31, 2011 –Hologram video conferencing isn’t here yet, but there are some cool capabilities coming to a computer screen near you. A new article entitled: The Future of Video Conferencing, 2012 and Beyond is available for reading or download at:

“Video conferencing has come a long way, but we’ve not seen anything yes,” notes Jennifer Mazzanti, president of eMazzanti Technologies, a 10-year veteran of leading-edge computer and network solutions in the Hoboken, New Jersey and New York City areas.

The Next View

The benefits offered by video conferencing are soon to be taken to a new level by technologies like motion tracking, facial recognition and simulation, intelligent audio technologies, handheld and full-scale holographic devices, 3D monitors, stereographic camera setups, and entire-room display technologies. Recent months have already seen the introduction of digital projectors into mobile phones. While many of these technologies sound quite far-fetched, a lot of them will be available for regular business use in the near future. And like most technological breakthroughs, with time many of them will also find their way into our homes. Friends and family living overseas could virtually walk in and talk with you – or share their living rooms in full detail.

New Two-Way ATMs

After nearly 30 years of use, many ATMs in the United States and abroad are about to get a technology-facelift. Utilizing video conferencing, bank customers will be able to speak to a live teller at a remote location, providing more services than a standard ATM currently allows. With video conferencing, customers can handle more complex and sophisticated banking needs, such as making changes to accounts or arranging a loan. A built-in security option can also recognize the face or fingerprint of a customer, eliminating the need for a bank card or other form of ID.

Video Trials

For hundreds of years, courtroom trials took place in one room, with judges, lawyers, defendants and witnesses fighting it out as the in-court audience watched on. But with the rising cost of

travel, a shortage of lawyers in underdeveloped areas, and the security risk and expense of transporting prisoners to court, we may soon be seeing a change. Video conferencing meets the law requirement of visual communication in justice, saves time and resources, and may just become the new standard for courtrooms of the future.


Although technology can not take the place of a visit to the family doctor, high definition video conferencing are emerging as powerful tools in telemedicine initiatives worldwide. The integration of video conferencing into these programs has been able to help many patients, and has enabled doctors to communicate with specialists in order to make critical diagnoses faster.

Travel becomes a thing of the past

Due to the ever increasing cost of travel, the move to high definition video conferencing will be purely economical.  A recent report by the Travel Industry Association found that air prices in June rose 18.7 per cent from the same period a year earlier. Fuel prices were up 33 per cent.  Video Conference pays for itself in a short period of time and because of the quality of hd conference systems like the ones available from LifeSize Communications, users get an experience that is identical to being  face-to-face, without loss of productivity.  This makes the decision to implement video conferencing very easy for business managers, who have been dealing with an economy in recession and have begun responding by tightening travel budgets.

About eMazzanti Technologies

With a company name that sounds more like a purebred, high-performance sports car than a IT support and consulting firm, eMazzanti Technologies is all about delivering powerful solutions such as managed printing services, PCS DSS compliance, computer network management, network troubleshooting, business continuity and disaster recovery, green computing, mobile workforce technology, information security, cloud computing, cloud computing services, and business information optimization in the most efficient manner possible. The Hoboken, N.J., firm is located in one of the most densely populated – and competitive – regions in the U.S. It provides business technology consulting services for companies ranging from home offices to multinational corporations throughout the New York metropolitan area, the United States and internationally. For more information contact: Carl Mazzanti 201-360-4400 or

Carl Mazzanti is Co-Founder and President of eMazzanti Technologies, Microsoft’s four time Partner of the Year and one of the premier IT consulting services for businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area and internationally. Carl and his company manage over 400 active accounts ranging from professional services firms to high-end global retailers.

eMazzanti is all about delivering powerful, efficient outsourced IT services, such as computer network management and troubleshooting, managed print, PCI DSS compliance, green computing, mobile workforce technology, information security, cloud computing, and business continuity and disaster recovery.  

Carl Mazzanti is also a frequent business conference speaker and technology talk show guest and contributor at Microsoft-focused events, including frequent prominent roles at the Microsoft Inspire (Worldwide Partner Conference / WPC).

Carl, a serial Entrepreneur, gives back to the community through Entrepreneur teaching engagements at Georgetown University, the company’s ocean wildlife conservation effort, the Blue Project, and Tree Mazzanti.



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