Remote Desktop Services

What Remote Desktop Services Can Do For Your Business

Your staff is comprised of people who live near and far, possess different skill sets, come from all walks of life, but share one common goal: the success of your company. Microsoft understands. The tech titan’s Windows server offers Remote Desktop Services, formerly known as Terminal Services—a remote desktop option that provides efficient, cost-effective uniformity, allowing you to maintain and strengthen the diverse work environment that makes your business plan work.

Why use Remote Desktop Services? Here are just a few reasons to consider adopting it.

Keep All Employees on the Same Page

Every employee says it at least once: “I’m not able to access the file you sent.” Or the dreaded: “I can’t do that right now, I’m in the middle of a software update and it’s taking forever.” It’s frustrating, and avoidable. You’re losing time and money to software incompatibility!

Remote Desktop Services software requires a single installation on a central server, rather than on each employee’s device. With only one copy of each application, patching is a breeze. Gone are the days when you’d have to make time-consuming application-level patches on every device. Gone are the days of downtime. Hello, plain sailing!

Save on Hardware

Hardware prices are only going up— but that’s hardly a concern for companies using Remote Desktop Services.

With Remote Desktop Services, relying on existing desktop hardware remains a viable option for much longer than it would if applications were run locally. All processing occurs at the server end, with desktops essentially acting as passive portals, greatly expanding their lifespan. It also allows your company to expand, without the expense. You can purchase lower-end desktop hardware for new employees and still set them up for success.

Support Remote Workers

Expand without the expense and without limiting hiring managers to a local talent pool. The benefits of Remote Desktop Services extend beyond the walls of headquarters to meet remote staff.

Remote Desktop Services empowers you to create a desktop environment that fits each employee’s role. Users can access this environment via any device, from every location. Allow it to provide the common ground on which you and your employees can work towards your common goal.

Wondering if services from Windows is right for your business’s needs? Contact the business technology consultants at eMazzanti to find out more.



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