How to Save Money with IT Monitoring

How to Save Money with IT Monitoring

Broken websites, network downtime and performance issues may be costing your organization more than you realize. When the system runs slowly or services fail, productivity drops. When glitches plague the website, customers abandon transactions and company reputation suffers. So, save money with IT monitoring to keep your business running smoothly.

IT monitoring includes a range of technologies designed to ensure IT infrastructure performs the way it should. For instance, predefined alerts provide warnings of potential security events or performance issues.

With early notice, IT staff can address issues quickly, avoiding downtime, boosting security and even improving processes. Some monitoring tools take the process a step further by automating remediation of certain issues.

Save Money with IT Monitoring and Boost Productivity

Downtime can cost your organization thousands of dollars per minute in lost productivity. And according to a 2022 survey by Uptime, networking problems have become the biggest contributing factor in causing downtime. Increasingly complex networks involving a hybrid of on-premises and cloud environments mean increased potential for outages.

IT monitoring delivers 24/7 visibility into the entire network, giving a real-time picture of network performance and service availability. Instead of waiting for an employee or customer to report performance issues, early alerts mean that IT personnel can resolve issues quickly, avoiding or reducing downtime.

How to Save Money with IT Monitoring

Improve Cyber Security

In addition to reducing downtime, IT monitoring plays a significant role in protecting systems and data against hackers. Continuous monitoring can provide alerts for unsecured devices and suspicious activity that might indicate a vulnerability or an attack. And using AI, monitoring solutions can learn to recognize anomalous behavior almost immediately.

Considering the cost of a small business data breach at about $3,000 per employee, increased cyber security is a great way to save money with IT monitoring.

For example, Security Incident Event Monitoring (SIEM) represents a key component of an effective cybersecurity strategy. SIEM programs gather logs from apps and devices throughout the network. The programs analyze the data to look for patterns that might signal a problem. Then, using predefined policies, they determine next steps and alert security personnel.

Enhance Customer Experience and Increase Sales

IT monitoring improves the customer experience by keeping tabs on the performance of websites and customer-facing applications. For instance, if a potential customer cannot complete a purchase or experiences website issues, they may not visit your website again. They will also likely talk with friends and family about their poor experience.

By monitoring page load speed and data transmission errors, organizations can address web performance issues in the early stages. Additionally, real user monitoring records user interactions with apps or websites. This provides a more accurate picture than a controlled test environment, helping organizations highlight and fix problems.

Optimize Business Processes

With business activity monitoring, companies use IT monitoring to gain insights into how various processes and services use system resources. For instance, by analyzing system data gathered over time, strategists identify trends in user traffic or downloads from certain areas. They can then tailor their marketing and development efforts to capitalize on those patterns.

Proactively Address Maintenance

IT devices require regular maintenance. But with so many devices on the network, staying on top of maintenance needs can prove tricky. Remote monitoring solutions keep track of device health and provide alerts to the appropriate people before the device fails. With early alerts, companies can schedule maintenance and avoid unplanned downtime.

How to Save Money with IT Monitoring

Save Money with IT Monitoring and Managed Network Services

Complex IT environments make IT monitoring essential. However, the process of optimizing monitoring solutions and addressing numerous alerts can prove taxing, particularly for a small IT department. Contracting with a managed services provider can help.

With managed network services, companies benefit from real-time, remote, 24×7 monitoring. At eMazzanti, a team of network and security professionals employs world-class monitoring technology to help you optimize your network, spot potential issues before they impact the system and reduce business risk.

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