Tough Economy Means Tougher Efforts to Mitigate Business Data Risk

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (Vocus) January 5, 2012 –In a tough economy business budgets get squeezed, especially those of small and medium-sized companies. However, just because the economy is tough, doesn’t mean owners can lessen their concern about protecting computer networks and data.  In fact, greater business security can lead to improved business productivity, which is essential during tough economic times.

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eMazzanti specializes in business continuity and disaster recovery for small and mid-size businesses. Jennifer Mazzanti, president, explains why it’s important to be extra vigilant about protecting your data during tough economic times. “The bad news is that the financial impact of data loss and security breaches has been estimated to cost US businesses over $4.7 billion each year. The good news is that the impact can be easily neutralized.”

Small Business Are More, Not Less Exposed

Every business deals with risk. But medium-sized businesses, with smaller IT staff and tighter operating budgets are often more exposed to risk than larger companies. This reality is never more evident than in a down economy: When the repercussions of a business disruption are as grave as they are, how do you insulate your business from risk?

Step #1: Reduce the Probability of Downtime

Your order system goes down, leaving your e-commerce customers unable to place orders. In addition to lost revenue, this downtime can derail employees, leading to productivity loss. While you’re focused on fixing the problem, your competition has a chance to poach your customers. Worst of all, failing to detect and fix the problem means it may happen again.

High availability of critical systems is the medium-size business’s highest IT priority, and it’s attainable with a few key changes. For example, invest in reliable servers. Look for servers that have been extensively tested and certified to run on the latest operating systems. Couple that with a comprehensive set of server management tools.  Because eMazzanti has specialized in setting up these systems for their customers, they have become an expert in minimizing downtime. Less downtime helps insure companies can focus on business rather than having worry about hardware and software integration.  If a company has to spend even a small amount of time troubleshooting email or web access, for example, they should consider seeking the support of a professional IT expert like eMazzanti.

Step 2: Protect your data

Data breaches might not happen as often as network and application downtime. But when they occur, they can be catastrophic. Implementing a few key protections can greatly minimize the chances of data loss. For instance, replicate and use de-duplication. Look for a storage backup solution that lets you cost-effectively replicate data for quick recovery. De-duplication helps ensure that you don’t waste bandwidth, disk space and effort backing up multiple copies of the same data.

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