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Why Employee Mobile Apps Are the Next Big Tech Trend in Retail

Why Employee Mobile Apps Are the Next Big Tech Trend in Retail

The modern business owner can’t take a casual stance on technology. With fiercer competition than ever before, retailers are quickly realizing that it pays to use every available tool—and that includes mobile apps.

Of course, retailers have used apps to improve the customer experience before now, but a more recent development involves giving apps to employees. For an example, look at Lowe’s. The home improvement store gives employees no less than six different apps to help them provide better customer service. One of these apps, a credit calculator, allows employees to calculate a customer’s monthly payments within seconds.

Lowe’s isn’t the only store giving its employees apps. As PYMNTS reports, The Container Store tracks management sales via a mobile app. Even a few airlines are jumping on the app bandwagon. United Airlines is currently collaborating with Apple and IBM to develop a suite of apps for its flight attendants and gate agents.

Here are a few things to be gained by providing mobile apps to your employees.

Empower your employees with more knowledge

According to a recent survey by Tulip Retail, 83% of consumers believe they know more than retail store associates. As a retailer, you can take that as a sign of defeat—or as a challenge to step up your game.

Through an effective mobile app, you can give your employees instant access to more knowledge. Then, even if they don’t know the answer off the top of their head, they can look it up quickly and assist the customer on the spot.

Mobile apps can also help your employees check inventory and product information, look up a customer’s account or order status, and compare pricing and features to give a customer the best possible guidance. And that’s just for starters!

Give your managers better tools

Besides simply arming your employees with more knowledge, mobile apps can also improve operations and simplify your management systems. Tech-savvy retailers are already using mobile apps for things like employee training, scheduling, and time recording.

Many businesses are going paperless, and mobile apps present an appealing way to do just that. They can help managers and employees send messages back and forth, notify employees of important announcements, and help make the training process smoother and more user-friendly.

Deliver a better experience for your customers

Many retailers have also discovered that mobile apps can provide a more enjoyable ordering and checkout experience. Employees can use apps to calculate pricing, process credit card transactions, and even order a product directly on behalf of a customer.

The more intuitive tools your employees have access to, the better they can serve your customers. With that in mind, a mobile app may be just the thing to propel your business to even greater sales—not to mention happier customers and employees.

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