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Windows 8 End of Support is Here, Businesses Urged to Upgrade Now

eMazzanti Technologies’ offers customized upgrade services to help businesses avoid security and compliance problems with Windows 8 and older versions of Internet Explorer

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (Vocus) February 9, 2015 – eMazzanti Technologies, a New York City area IT consultant and managed services provider, announced today that with last month’s Windows 8 end-of-support deadline, as reported in this January 12, 2016 VentureBeat article, it will provide customized Windows 8 upgrade services to help businesses that have slipped past the deadline avoid security and compliance problems.

“In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, organizations can’t afford the down time associated with product upgrades,” stated Carl Mazzanti, CEO. “Nor can they take the risk of security and compliance issues if they fail to stay current. To eliminate both, eMazzanti provides upgrade options tailored to individual client needs.”

The Microsoft end-of-service date means that machines that are currently running Windows 8 will no longer receive patches or security updates. Older versions of Internet Explorer, prior to IE11 are also affected by the announcement. That creates potential security problems and immediate compliance issues for businesses. Windows 8.1 is not affected by the deadline.

eMazzanti urges all businesses with Windows 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible. IE9 and IE10 will still be supported on some versions of Windows and Windows Server but eMazzanti recommends that those with pre-IE11 browsers upgrade to IE11 or to Windows 10 with the new Edge browser.

With some machines and third-party applications having compatibility issues, system upgrades can generate interruptions and unanticipated consequences. eMazzanti urges business leaders to consult with experts to avoid costly problems. Many of eMazzanti’s customers are already covered for Windows upgrade services through their eCare service agreements.

“Upgrading requires the right planning and expertise to minimize business disruptions,” stated Carl Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “With a systematic approach, a company can potentially save more than the cost of the update by reducing ongoing IT maintenance costs.”

Many organizations are uncertain about the effects of seemingly simple software upgrades. These considerations can make for a bumpy experience whether upgrading or not:

  • Older hardware, particularly graphics cards, may not be compatible with Windows 10.
  • Microsoft applications, third-party applications and custom programs may require different upgrade approaches, so they need to be considered individually.
  • Many third-party software suppliers no longer support older versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Without browser security updates, newly discovered vulnerabilities expose PCs to viruses and malware that may put business and customer information at risk.
  • Businesses subject to data privacy and security regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley, should carefully assess if they still comply with requirements using unsupported versions of Windows and Internet Explorer.

eMazzanti recommends that businesses start the upgrade process today by assessing their inventory of PC’s and laptops, their age and software versions, and consult with IT infrastructure and security experts before proceeding with upgrades.

eMazzanti Technologies offers customized, comprehensive protection, including software and update installation and management services as part of their 24/7 eCare proactive network monitoring, management and maintenance for an affordable flat monthly fee.

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