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Replay eMazzanti’s Cybersecurity Workshop to Protect Against 2021 Cyber-Threats

NYC area IT security consultant makes 2021 Cyber-Threats Workshop with security recommendations available to anyone online—in virtual workshop replay

Hoboken, New Jersey – eMazzanti Technologies, a specialist in cybersecurity, is replaying on demand the first of two informative cybersecurity workshops. The virtual replay session addresses the landscape of 2021 cyber-threats featuring experts from WatchGuard and eMazzanti Technologies.

2021 Cyber-Threats

The first virtual event entitled, “2021 Cyber Threat Landscape: What is Happening Now and What You Need to Know,” is available any time for replay on demand.

In this session, Marc Laliberte, WatchGuard Senior Security Analyst, delivers an interactive workshop discussing 2021 cyber-threats, including the top three types of attack and strategies to defend against them. During the 60 minute session, Mr. Laliberte discusses with attendees several important next steps to protect their organizations, including technology and training recommendations.

The second virtual event, “Enable Your Remote Workforce – Secure Your Wi-Fi Resources to Prevent Cyber Risk,” may be viewed live, and is scheduled March 19, 2021 at 11:00 am EST.

During this session, Jim Steinbacher, WatchGuard Technical Evangelist for Wireless, will deliver an interactive workshop focused exclusively on the biggest threat surface in 2021, WIFI. Remote work has intensified the exposure to threats and leaders need to participate to ensure their businesses and employees are not at risk.

The ever-changing cybersecurity threat matrix requires business leaders to stay on top of every threat. Hence, interested parties may view and register now for the replay and live sessions to confirm their spot. Seating is limited.

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2021 Cyber-Threats Workshops

Partner with 2021 Cyber-Threats Experts

eMazzanti Technologies helps business leaders navigate the 2021 cyber-threats landscape to protect their customer information and business assets. Thus, the company offers cybersecurity solutions featuring multi-layered protection with advanced malware detection and intrusion prevention.

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