Cyber Security Companies

Cyber Security Companies Deliver Essential Protection in a Minefield

Whether law firm or clothing store, hospital or factory, organizations of all types rely on information. And keeping that information secure from loss or breach requires an increasingly complex combination of tools and tactics. By outsourcing key security tasks to cyber security companies, organizations access critical expertise and gain peace of mind.

In the era of cloud computing and remote work, securing sensitive data and critical systems has grown more complicated. Security strategies must stretch far beyond the traditional security perimeter. Now, in addition to network security, cyber security must address cloud environments, as well as hundreds of endpoints, identities, applications, IoT devices and more.

At the same time, hackers have grown more sophisticated, with an alarming increase in the number of security breaches. Evolving privacy regulations from governments and industry add additional challenges. And a widening cyber security skills gap means organizations struggle to hire security talent in house.

Advantages of Partnering with Cyber Security Companies

Outsourcing cyber security operations allows companies to access critical expertise while focusing in-house resources on core business strategies. This can involve supplementing an in-house security team with additional talent or utilizing the services of cloud service providers. Additionally, many organizations partner with managed security service providers (MSSPs).

Hiring an outside cyber security consultant delivers key benefits that include:

  • Access to critical expertise – Cyber security companies make it their business to stay up to date on security trends, threats, tools, and best practices. And they work with hundreds, even thousands, of customers. They know the threats you face, and they know how best to address them.
  • Improved threat detection – With 24×7 monitoring and improved security controls, a cyber security consultant can recognize and address potential threats before they become a problem.
  • Vulnerability management – Security experts will periodically audit your cyber environment to identify vulnerabilities. This will include regular security audits, as well as penetration testing. Then they will help your organization adjust your security strategy as necessary to address identified weaknesses.

Cyber Security Companies

  • Regulatory compliance – Cyber security and privacy laws, as well as industry regulations, include requirements for cyber security best practices. With an in-depth understanding of regulatory requirements, security partners make achieving regulatory compliance
  • More effective crisis response – No organization is immune to attack. When security incidents do occur, cyber security companies fill a critical role in recovering systems and data, thus minimizing downtime.
  • Cutting edge technology – Hackers stay abreast of emerging technology, and they watch for exploitable software vulnerabilities. So do cyber security companies. By partnering with a cyber security provider, even small businesses gain access to the latest security tools.
  • Employee security awareness training – Your employees constitute both your biggest security liability and a critical line of defense. Many cyber security companies include relevant and effective security awareness training as an essential part of their services.

Cyber Security Companies

Factors to Consider When Choosing Cyber Security Companies

Before choosing a cyber security company, start by identifying specific needs within the organization. For instance, a company that plans to transition to a hybrid workforce will need to implement security strategies for the new environment. A hospital will need to work within very strict regulatory boundaries.

Look for a security service provider that has a proven track record of delivering the services you need. Additionally, choose a provider with a customer base similar to your organization in terms of company size and industry. Instead of simply reading customer reviews, ask for references and follow up with them.

Your business needs will change over time. Therefore, be sure to choose a provider that offers the flexibility to scale services up or down to match your needs. Ask about service level agreements (SLAs) and review them carefully to determine that the provider can accommodate your security requirements.

eMazzanti Delivers Multi-layered, Customized Cyber Security Services

eMazzanti Technologies has been in the cyber security business for 22 years. We offer a full menu of services, from network security to email defense, 24x7x365 monitoring, cloud security, complete incident response and much more. Our expert consultants will help you implement a cyber security plan tailored to your business needs and budget.

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