3 Essential Digital Security Tips for Your Business

Emerging technology and new security threats have changed the business landscape, complicating the process of protecting intellectual property and customer data. Organizations once managed a tightly controlled network of devices and users. Now, cloud computing and broad use of personal devices has expanded those boundaries. Fortunately, Microsoft offers several digital security tools to safeguard vital business information.

Recent widespread security events such as the WannaCry ransomware attack have provided organizations with an opportunity to review and upgrade their cyber-security. In the process, several areas of concern are receiving increasing attention, including the need to:

  1. Secure cloud resources
  2. Keep software up-to-date
  3. Detect and respond to ongoing threats

Always the leader and innovator in digital security, Microsoft offers powerful solutions to address these key areas.

Digital Security in the Cloud

As organizations move more of their workload and data to cloud-based services, IT departments and network administrators shoulder the responsibility of protecting a disbursed network of assets. Fortunately, Microsoft offers powerful services aimed at securing applications and data in the cloud:

  • Azure Security Center (ASC)—Provides tools for monitoring assets within the Microsoft Cloud and defining and enforcing security policies. ASC uses behavior analysis and security data from Azure resources and third party security devices to detect and respond to threats.
  • Cloud App Security—Addresses your organization’s complete cloud presence. Cloud Discovery allows you to map and analyze all cloud apps in use throughout the organization. Administrators can then sanction or unsanction apps for use based on risk analysis and define policies regarding what users can and cannot do in the cloud.


  • Office 365 Security—Knowing that data security is critical to business operations, Microsoft has built several powerful security features into the popular Office 365 service. Some, like malware and spam filtering capabilities, require no setup. Other security features allow you to customize options to your specific needs.
  • The new Office 365 Security and Compliance Center allows you to define policies and rules in several key areas. For instance, you can identify and monitor sensitive information, such as financial data. You can also control data access by mobile devices and automatically enforce business policies concerning email communication.

Stay Current and Protected

As businesses around the world discovered with the recent WannaCry outbreak, effective digital security requires up-to-date software. Organizations running Windows 10 or the recently-released patch to their Windows operating system were protected from the ransomware. Organizations that delayed deploying the patch left themselves vulnerable to attack.

Microsoft smooths the process of applying updates in a timely fashion. Where possible, turn on Automatic Updates (the default setting in Windows 10). You can also visit the software updates page for information on updating Microsoft and other common software programs.

Threat Detection and Response

With cyber weapons constantly evolving, it is critical that you keep your antivirus protection up-to-date. Microsoft makes that easy with Windows 10, which includes Windows Defender as a built-in anti-virus component.

Windows Defender automatically updates every 24 hours, staying current as it protects your systems from viruses, malware and spyware.

For more robust antivirus and antimalware, consider upgrading beyond free antivirus software to commercial antivirus or managed services.

Digital Security Made Easy

Digital-Security-TipsNavigating the risks and opportunities of cloud computing can present a challenge to organizations with limited IT resources. Legacy systems introduce compatibility issues, and effectively managing an expanding network of devices requires a dedicated team of experts.

eMazzanti offers just the expertise you need. Our certified engineers provide flexible and secure migration to the cloud, along with world-class managed IT security services customized to your needs. We take over the war against cyber threats, allowing you to focus on the business you do best.

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