eMazzanti CEO Discuss Ransomware on Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Program

How to effectively block ransomware is timely topic of discussion with NYC tech leader, Carl Mazzanti, on Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Program BlogTalkRadio business program

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (Cision) June 14, 2016 — A NYC area IT security expert and eMazzanti Technologies CEO, Carl Mazzanti, will be a featured guest on a popular blogtalkradio business program sponsored by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

The 45-minute interview is scheduled for 7:30 am (EDT) on  Thursday, June 16. Mazzanti’s topic will be: “Ransomware.”

Ransomware Interview

The interview with Mazzanti will touch on how businesses and organizations can best deal with the increased threat of ransomware infection. Minimizing loss while recovering from a Ransomware attack will also be discussed.

Listen to the program live online, Thursday, June 16 at 7:30 am (EDT).

“After a decade of experience consulting with his various clients to make certain their networks are secure, Carl has accumulated a nearly unparalleled knowledge of the numerous methods that a business owner can take to protect their network and secure the integrity of their client and personal data,” reads the speaker introduction on the program website.

Ransomware Warning

The following excerpts from a recent news release, “eMazzanti Technologies Issues US-Cert Ransomware Warning,” gives insight into the direction of the interview:

“eMazzanti Technologies wants to alert businesses and organizations to the increased threat of ransomware infection as has been stated by The United States Department of Homeland Security, in collaboration with the Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre.”

“Infections can be devastating in their effects and recovery can be a difficult process. Organizations suffering a ransomware attack may require the services of an experienced data security and recovery professional.”

“Ransomware can cause significant downtime in addition to the loss of data,” stated Almi Dumi, Project Lead, eMazzanti Technologies. “We urge our customers and others to take the necessary steps to prevent ransomware infections and mitigate their effects.”

“eMazzanti urges businesses and organizations experiencing a ransomware attack to work with qualified data security and data recovery professionals to minimize downtime and the loss of data. We discourage organizations and individuals from paying ransoms. Doing so does not guarantee the release of files.”

Ransomware Protection

eMazzanti Technologies provides comprehensive network protection, including security planning, and oversight with 24/7 proactive network monitoring, management and maintenance for an affordable flat monthly fee.

Listeners can hear the live program online or play a recording of the complete interview after the broadcast.

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