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                                                            Advice to Managers:
5 Ways to Simplify Your PCI 2.0 Compliance
                                                            Firewalls: Don’t Skimp on Your Business’ Security
                                                            The 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Network Gatekeeping
                                                            Anniversary Highlights
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                                                            5 Ways to Win the PC Security Battle
                                                            Preserve & Protect Your Data
                                                            The Weakest Link in
Network Security
                                                            Where in the World is
5 Ways to Win the PC Security Battle
Reprinted with permission
from the Microsoft Small
Business Center
Heather Clancy
Yes, as you’ve doubtless heard umpteen times, even the smallest business is vulnerable to a PC or network security breach. But you can find some peace of mind simply by taking some preventive measures. Better yet, by taking action before an incident occurs.IT consultants believe that the most effective data security policies are those that treat security not just as an IT problem but as an underlying business process. What good are firewalls, for example, if you don’t have a way for trusted business partners to access your network from a remote location?

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Preserve and Protect Your Data
As the amount of data being created continues to increase, and that info is accessed and shared by more people, SMBs can’t afford to ignore the need for data protection.
Small and medium businesses are powered by information.
Should your business lose that information or even suffer an interruption in access, it can have serious consequences. When it comes to protecting their electronic data, some SMBs feel they are at a disadvantage because they lack the large budgets and dedicated IT staff that many large enterprises enjoy.
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The Weakest Link in Network Security
by Peter Alexander
reprinted with permission from the Microsoft Small Business Center
Your small-business network may be protected by firewalls, intrusion detection and other state-of-the-art security technologies. And yet, all it takes is one person’s carelessness, and suddenly it’s as if you have no network security at all.

Let me give you an example. In March 2006, a major financial services firm with extensive network security disclosed that one of its portable computers was stolen. The laptop contained the Social Security numbers of nearly 200,000 people. How did it happen? An employee of the firm, dining in a restaurant with colleagues, had locked the laptop in the trunk of a SUV. During dinner, one of the employee’s colleagues retrieved an item from the vehicle and forgot to re-lock it. As fate would have it, there was a rash of car thefts occurring in that particular area at that particular time, and the rest is history.

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eMazzanti Celebrates You!

eMazzanti Technologies hosted an exclusive celebration for its customers and vendors in style with great music, great food, and great company. Hundreds of eMazzanti’s friends, clients and family showed up to celebrate this momentous event hosted at the W Hotel in eMazzanti’s hometown of Hoboken. All of eMazzanti’s guest walked down our red carpet and enjoyed the lavish catering of the W Hotel in Hoboken. The 50/50 raffle in support of All Hands Volunteers, raised $1,000 for charity. eMazzanti Technologies thanks everyone who made this tremendous event possible.

Advice to Managers: Five Ways to Simplify Your PCI 2.0 Compliance
used with permission from the
Cisco Small Business Resource Center

If the acronym “PCI” makes your heart race, you’re in good company.“Small and medium-sized businesses can feel blindsided by all that PCI requires them to do,” says Aaron Reynolds, an author of the 2011 PCI Compliance Report by Verizon Business Services. “They have to comply with the same standard that initially was targeted at larger merchants and service providers.” Complying is complex.

“Unless the business has expertise in PCI and network security technologies, it will have a hard time controlling its compliance costs,” says Sean Walls, managing senior security consultant at Presidio Networked Solutions.

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Firewalls: Don’t Skimp on Your Business’s Security
In this installment of our “Is Consumer Grade enough for your business?” series, we’ll take a look at firewalls and the differences in the protection they provide your business.Security is quite possibly the most important concern for any business. You need to know that your critical data – both internal data and customer information – is secure. If that information is hacked or accessed by the wrong person, you may be opened up to a world of legal and financial trouble. Read More

Where in the World is eMazzanti?

The 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Network Gatekeeping
reprinted with permission from the HP Small Business Center
There’s little doubt that the Internet has been a real benefit to organizations – providing instant communication capabilities and an almost bottomless source of valuable, up-to-date information on just about any topic.However, many employees won’t think twice about accessing the network for personal use, perhaps to download music or to shop online. Not only does this put a strain on the network by reducing the bandwidth available for legitimate use, but it also makes it easier for criminals to access sensitive company information and for viruses to enter the network.From an IT standpoint, it’s a hassle to deal with employees downloading unsafe material on the one hand, and complaints about how slow the network is on the other.

So what’s the best way to effectively limit employees’ network use and keep the network safe, without hampering productivity or creating distrust?

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eMazzanti  – 11
Year Anniversary Celebration Highlights

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“eMazzanti Technologies is one of the top solution providers in the country driving big return on investment for customers. Congratultions on the LEADERSHIP SOLUTIONS you’re providing to clients!”Steven Burke
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Bryan Antepara: IT Specialist

Bryan Antepara is a leader in Cloud engagements with a demonstrated history of digital transformation of business processes with the user of Microsoft Technologies powered by the team of eMazzanti Technologies engineers.

Bryan has a strong experience working with Office 365 cloud solutions, Business Process, Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft Office Suite, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Customer Service.

He has the ability to handle the complexity of moving data in and out of containers and cloud sessions, makes him the perfect candidate to help organizations large and small migrate to new and more efficient platforms.  Bryan is a graduate of the University of South Florida and is Microsoft Certification holder.



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