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How Microsoft’s New AI Key Will Change the Way You Use Your Windows 11 PC

Microsoft has recently announced a major update to Windows 11 that will introduce a new artificial intelligence (AI) key on the PC keyboard. This key will enable users to access Copilot, Microsoft’s AI tool, on new Windows 11 PCs with a single press. Copilot is powered by OpenAI, a leading AI research organization that Microsoft is a major investor in. Copilot can help users with various tasks such as searching, writing emails, creating images, and more. In this blog post, we will explore what the new AI key means for Windows 11 users and how it will revolutionize the way they interact with their PCs.

What is the AI key and what can it do?

The AI key is a new addition to the Windows PC keyboard that will join the Windows key as a core part of the PC experience. The AI key will invoke the Copilot in Windows experience, which will allow users to access Copilot’s AI capabilities directly on their PCs. Copilot is an AI companion that can assist users with various functions such as:

  • Searching: Copilot can help users find the information they need faster and easier by using the new AI-powered Bing search engine, which can understand natural language queries and provide relevant answers, suggestions, and insights.
  • Writing: Copilot can help users write better emails, documents, and presentations by using Copilot for Microsoft 365, which can generate summaries, suggest content, and check grammar and spelling.
  • Creating: Copilot can help users create stunning images, videos, and graphics by using Copilot in Windows, which can generate graphic art, edit photos, and apply effects based on user’s descriptions and preferences.

Why is the AI key important and how will it change the PC experience?

The AI key is a significant innovation that will make Windows 11 PCs more personal and intelligent. By having a dedicated key for AI, users will be able to access Copilot’s AI features more easily and seamlessly, without having to switch between apps or windows. The AI key will also make Copilot more accessible and intuitive, as users will be able to use natural language commands and queries to interact with Copilot. The AI key will also make Copilot more integrated and consistent, as users will be able to use Copilot across different Windows apps and services, such as Bing, Microsoft 365, and Windows Studio Effects.

The AI key will enable users to harness the power of AI on their PCs and enhance their productivity, creativity, and learning. Users will be able to get more done in less time, create more engaging and professional content, and learn new skills and knowledge with the help of Copilot. The AI key will also enable users to participate in the AI transformation and benefit from the latest AI innovations from Microsoft and OpenAI, which are constantly improving and expanding Copilot’s AI capabilities.

Microsoft's AI

When and where can you get the AI key?

The AI key will be available on new Windows 11 PCs starting from February 2024. Microsoft will showcase some of the products with the AI key at the upcoming CES tech event, which starts next week in Las Vegas. The AI key will also be available on upcoming Surface devices. Users who are interested in experiencing the new AI key can sign up for the Copilot preview on the waitlist.

The AI key is a bold and exciting step forward for Windows 11 and the PC industry. It will bring AI to the forefront of the PC experience and empower users to do more with their PCs. The AI key will make Windows 11 PCs more personal, intelligent, and powerful than ever before.



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