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Manufacturing Automation Provider Gains Productivity with eMazzanti IT Infrastructure Upgrade

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey company enjoys increased productivity and security with IT infrastructure upgrade from eMazzanti Technologies—in a new case study

Hoboken, NJ (Cision) August 12, 2020 – eMazzanti Technologies, a NYC area managed services provider and IT consultant published a new manufacturing IT case study. The customer success story describes the benefits of a server, workstation and security upgrade for New Jersey manufacturing automation provider, Knotts Company. With the COVID-19 crisis, Knotts then retained eMazzanti to set up several employees to work remotely.

The informative case study relates how eMazzanti first performed a complete audit of the company’s systems.  The audit helped engineers gain awareness of the existing environment before making changes. According to the study, the project began near the end of 2019. Leadership advanced the goals of building a secure network, reliable systems, and multiple layers of security for users.

“Technology is evolving quickly and we’re in a very high-tech industry ourselves,” stated Mark Howe, VP Sales and Marketing, The Knotts Company. “You want to partner with people that understand that technology.”

Below are a few excerpts from the case study: “Manufacturing Automation Provider Gains Productivity and Time to Focus on Core Business.”

Increased Productivity

“With the upgrades complete, Knotts enjoys faster response times and increased productivity. ‘One of the key benefits we’ve experienced is the server is much quicker than our previous server,’ confirmed Howe. ‘eMazzanti made sure everybody’s systems were running as expected.’”

More Focus on Core Business

“Since the upgrade, IT issues have decreased, and management enjoys more time to perform their primary responsibilities. ‘We’re not getting pulled from what we should be doing with our jobs—from our role of selling, for example,’ related Howe. ‘So, we’re more focused on helping customers. It affects the bottom line.’”

Long-term Technology Partner

“Overall, Howe expressed satisfaction with the eMazzanti upgrade and the start of a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. ‘I’m looking forward to continuing in the relationship moving forward,’ he concluded. ‘Carl has connected us with other people in the industry as well. So, it’s a good opportunity, and we appreciate what they’ve done for us.’”

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Industrial Automation and Robotics

The Knotts Company (Knotts) represents manufacturers of industrial automation and robotics products. It seeks to empower manufacturing customers with automation solutions. The company collaborates with customer experts to identify and define issues, problems, and opportunities. Then it creates higher level solutions for increasing performance, productivity, and profitability.

Armed with in-depth customer knowledge, Knotts skillfully applies its core competencies of pneumatics, machine guarding and framing, electric actuators, conveyors, automation, motion control, robotics, machine safety and compressors.

IT Infrastructure Upgrade to Increase Productivity

Since 2001, eMazzanti Technologies has been helping manufacturers increase productivity and security with IT infrastructure upgrades. Business leaders count on eMazzanti’s deep manufacturing technology background and training to cut costs and drive revenue growth.



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