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Grow Your Business Securely with Microsoft 365 and eMazzanti Cloud Marketplace

Hundreds of millions of business users around the world depend on Microsoft 365 for exceptional security, collaboration, and flexibility. Building on its flagship productivity apps, Microsoft 365 connects teams in innovative ways. And now, with Cloud Marketplace, eMazzanti makes it even easier to tap into those benefits.

Business Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has proven a business standard for good reason: it anticipates today’s business needs. Adding cloud-based security and device management to robust productivity tools delivers the flexibility and power organizations need to stay competitive. Key business benefits of Microsoft 365 include:

    • Security – Microsoft 365 includes layers of sophisticated security measures. For instance, advanced threat protection guards against outside threats. Additionally, the data loss prevention feature allows organizations to define policies and rules that govern the sharing of sensitive data. And encryption protects both documents and emails.
    • Remote work support – With more employees working remotely and hybrid offices becoming the norm, cloud-based work takes center stage. Microsoft 365 features anytime, anywhere access to documents and applications. Additionally, users can work from PCs, laptops, and mobile devices, transitioning seamlessly between devices.
    • Collaboration – Microsoft has taken collaboration to a new level with Microsoft Teams. Team members easily work together on documents, co-authoring in real time and accessing shared folders in SharePoint. And communications via chat, email, video conference and mass meetings keep team members connected, regardless of distance.
    • Flexibility – Microsoft 365 operates on the software-as-a-service model. This delivers business agility and reduces capital expenses. Furthermore, with no need to purchase servers or install software on individual computers, adding or removing users involves just a few clicks of the mouse.

Cloud Marketplace

Cloud Marketplace Improves on Microsoft Subscription Management

For customers who partner with eMazzanti, working with Microsoft 365 just got easier. eMazzanti Cloud Marketplace takes subscription management to a new level. Here, customers handle license and subscription management just as they would through Microsoft, but with a more intuitive user interface and additional reporting and payment options.

For example, subscription reporting through Microsoft includes essentially just an invoice. But with the Cloud Marketplace, organizations have several report options. Administrators can print a report of subscriptions ordered within a specified date range. And they can export any of the reports to an Excel spreadsheet.

Additionally, eMazzanti partnerships deliver much more flexible billing options, allowing payment in whatever way makes sense for the customer. Microsoft, on the other hand, allows smaller businesses to pay only by credit card, which can prove a challenge for nonprofits and other organizations that require flexibility.

Cloud Marketplace

Direct Line to Problem Resolution

Microsoft offers free support. However, reaching knowledgeable technicians can prove frustrating and time-consuming when customers call Microsoft directly. With eMazzanti, organizations gain access to a Microsoft Gold Partner and a team of professionals with deep Microsoft knowledge. Often, a single phone call can resolve the issue at hand.

eMazzanti provides its customers with dedicated account managers, available to answer questions and help navigate complex system configuration. We begin by offering system tours and training with the onboarding process. This helps to ensure that administrators have the knowledge they need to manage Microsoft 365 effectively.

Manage Multiple Services from a Single Dashboard

In addition to the full catalog of Microsoft products, the Cloud Marketplace will soon also provide the ability for customers to manage a host of other products, including the entire E365 bundle. For example, customers who use MXInspect and eCare Basic will be able to manage those services through the same interface they use for managing Microsoft 365.

Cloud Marketplace

Benefits of eMazzanti Partnership

With eMazzanti, customers access deep expertise with a personal touch. Microsoft 365 delivers exceptional business benefits. And eMazzanti can help you get the most out of your Microsoft investment by helping you configure your system for optimal productivity and security. Hence, Cloud Marketplace makes that process even simpler by delivering you the control you need.

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