Ransomware Attacks

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks Outlined at New York State Cyber Security Conference

NYC area cyber security expert shares protection steps for business leaders fearing increased ransomware attacks at critical Cyber Security Conference session

Hoboken, New Jersey (Cision) June 15, 2020 – Carl Mazzanti, President and Co-founder of eMazzanti Technologies, a specialist in cybersecurity, addressed the New York State Cyber Security Conference on the topic of How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks. His virtual 60-minute presentation was made June 8, 2021.

In his presentation, Mazzanti discussed the essential facts of ransomware, including:

    • How ransomware attacks happen in the cloud.
    • How cyber-criminals continue to get away with it.
    • Why 73% of Ransomware attacks are successful.
    • How to protect your business from ransomware for a small investment.

Cyber-Crime a Business

According to Mazzanti, ransomware attacks continue at alarming rates because it’s profitable for cyber-criminals. He said that ransomware is conducted by bad people running it like a business. And it’s the number one money maker for cyber-criminals.

He said that just because data is stored in the cloud, it doesn’t mean that it’s protected. The physical security provided by the cloud data center is not enough to prevent ransomware attacks. Business leaders must employ additional security measures.

He also said that paying the ransom should not be an option. Paying makes the company a good customer that criminals want to strike again. But organizations must have recovery controls in place to be in a position to not pay the ransom.

Ransomware Attacks

Small Businesses Targeted

Mazzanti also discussed how cyber-criminals are now going after smaller targets. Every business of every size is a target, even in the cloud. But small businesses prepare the least. Every 11 seconds, ransomware affects a company. And it’s just a matter of when, not if a business suffers an attack.

The business impacts of a ransomware attack include loss of customer trust and loss of reputation. Mazzanti related that ransomware is getting so bad that AXA, a large multinational insurance firm, has stopped offering ransomware insurance coverage.

Steps to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Though ransomware can be expensive and difficult to deal with, Mazzanti listed these best practices to prevent a successful ransomware attack:

    • Automate Preventative Controls – For example, using eCare Agents from eMazzanti Technologies.
    • Implement Layers of Security – One system alone, such as a firewall, is not enough to keep out cyber-criminals. For example, eCare Secure Route detects and contains advanced attacks before they can cause damage.
    • Use Email Filtering – Email is the is #1 attack vector used by cyber-criminals. Thus, businesses should train employees not to open any attachments or click any email links.
    • Use Geo-Blocking to Restrict Access – Only allow Internet connections to and from areas where the company does business. Indeed, this simple measure prevents billions of people (including hackers in foreign lands) from gaining access to business systems.
    • PEN Testing – Discover vulnerabilities before cyber criminals do.
    • Constant Vigilance – Successful security is an evolution, not a set and forget. Thus, business leaders must review security regularly and iteratively improve.

Ransomware Attacks

Partner with Hard-working Ransomware Protection Experts

eMazzanti Technologies helps business leaders protect their customer information and business assets from ransomware attack. Therefore, the company offers cybersecurity solutions featuring multi-layered protection with advanced malware detection and intrusion prevention.

In his presentation, Mazzanti shared a few company secrets that have generated loyal customers. First, almost everyone in the company speaks another language. He claimed that being able to speak multiple languages enables eMazzanti’s technicians to solve problems faster. The company also seeks only employees that worked in high school, which makes for a good work ethic.

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