Microsoft Bing AI Search

Discover Microsoft Bing AI Search Capabilities for Business

In February, Microsoft announced the launch of the new Microsoft Bing AI search. Now available for everyone, Bing AI takes research and content creation to new levels. Businesses already find powerful uses for the tool, and the possibilities continue to expand almost daily as AI technology matures.

How to Access Microsoft Bing AI Search

With the latest version of Microsoft Edge, users can access Bing AI either as part of the main browser window or in a sidebar. The sidebar offers additional insights relevant to the current page, as well as a Compose tab for content creation.

To access Chat in the main browser window, click the Chat tab next to the Search tab under the Search bar, as indicated below.

Microsoft Bing AI Search

Or, to access Bing AI in a sidebar, click the Bing icon in the upper right corner of the browser. The sidebar displays to the right of the current page.

Microsoft Bing AI Search

In addition to Microsoft Edge, users can also access Bing AI search in Windows 11, as long as they are running the Windows 11 22H2 build on their PC or laptop. Mobile users can access Bing AI using the Bing or Microsoft Edge apps, as well as the Swift Keyboard. All three mobile options are available on both Android and iOS.

Microsoft Bing AI Search

Bing AI vs. Traditional Search Engines

Bing AI differs from traditional search engines in several key ways. In the first place, Bing AI allows users to ask complex questions using natural language. They can then dive deeper into a topic or refine their search by asking for more details or additional clarification. Bing provides a summary of its research and includes links back to the original web pages.

For example, a user might ask, “What are some graphics programs that beginners can use?” Bing will generate a list of graphics programs with a paragraph about each one. The user might then ask, “Which is the easiest to use?” At that point, Bing would look at reviews and ratings and offer a suggestion of the easiest program to use. The whole process takes mere seconds.

Additionally, the Bing AI sidebar includes an Insights tab that provides more details about the current page. This includes a detailed summary, a Q&A section, key points, related videos and more. Also, by enhancing the core search algorithm with AI, Bing AI delivers significantly more relevant results to both basic and complex queries.

One important difference between Bing AI and traditional search involves the ability to choose the conversational style. When starting a new chat, users can specify whether they want to continue the chat in one of three modes: Creative, Balanced or Precise.

Creative mode taps into the innovative aspects of GPT. For instance, users can ask Bing AI to create an image or compose a poem using the details they specify. Precise mode may take more time but will return more brief and accurate responses. The default conversation style, Balanced, works well for most search queries.

Microsoft Bing AI Search

Powerful Options for Business Use

Businesses in multiple industries have already tapped into the capabilities of AI, and the possibilities seem almost limitless. Some basic capabilities of Bing AI available today include:

  • Simplifying research and analytics – In addition to the summaries and deep dives described above, users can ask Bing AI to compare various options and even create a chart. For example, in Creative mode, the user might ask Bing AI to “create a chart comparing features of Bing AI with ChatGPT, including pros and cons.”
  • Creating content – The Compose tab on the Bing sidebar gives content creators a boost by creating a draft based on details the user provides. For instance, Bing AI can generate surprisingly good text for an email or blog post. The user chooses the tone (professional, casual, etc.), the format and the length.
  • Creating images – From the Creative conversational mode, users can access the DALL-E 2 AI image generator. For example, a user could instruct Bing AI to “create a logo for a restaurant called The Rusty Tractor.” Bing will generate four options and suggest prompts such as “make it more colorful” or “change the font” to refine the image.
  • Generating accessible explanations – Bing AI can take complex topics and make them understandable. For example, it can summarize a long, complicated article. Or it can give an explanation created for a certain audience. For instance, the user could say “explain the branches of government as if I were a 5-year-old.”

For the more technical user, Bing AI operates as a knowledgeable partner. For instance, it can assist with coding in multiple languages. Businesses can also use Bing AI to create powerful chatbots to make customer service more accessible and efficient.

The Microsoft experts at eMazzanti Technologies employ continuous learning to stay current with the latest developments in technology. They help organizations explore the many possibilities of Bing AI and Microsoft 365 for business.

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