Protect Business Data with Powerful Microsoft Security

Experts estimate that last month’s WannaCry attack cost hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity, investigation and data restoration. With the certainty of more cyber-attacks on the horizon, businesses are building their defenses. Protect Business Data with Powerful Microsoft Security

In May, hackers exploited a vulnerability in pre-Windows 10 versions of the Windows operating system. The ransomware attack compromised 230,000 computers worldwide. Fortunately, researchers quickly discovered a kill switch that significantly slowed the infection rate.

Computers without the necessary security patch remain at risk, however. Researchers have already discovered several additional cyberattacks that exploit the same vulnerabilities. Malware with greater sophistication, this time without a kill switch, could unleash even more devastating consequences than WannaCry.

Long before the latest ransomware events, Microsoft began building a multi-faceted defense against emerging threats. A commitment to ongoing security enhancements ensures that your business has the tools necessary to safeguard intellectual assets.

Patch Blocked WannaCry

Up-to-date software provides the best defense against attack. One month before the WannaCry ransomware appeared, Microsoft pro-actively released a critical security patch. Computers with Windows 10 or with the security patch were immune to the attack. Organizations that delayed updates left themselves exposed.

In the business environment, keeping a network of computers up-to-date presents challenges. Update installation can slow the network at inopportune times. In addition, legacy software may prove incompatible with the updated operating system.

Microsoft has developed tools to smooth the update process such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). This central repository downloads the latest updates from Microsoft and then delivers them to computers on the organization’s network according to timing and parameters you define.

Expanded Security Features in Creators Update

Organizations using the latest Windows 10 Creators Update can take advantage of key Microsoft security features, including:

  • Windows Defender Security Center – Windows Defender has evolved far from its early days as a simple anti-virus program. Its security dashboard allows you to view and control network security options from a single point. Control antivirus and firewall settings, configure app and browser control and check device health.
  • Powerful-Microsoft-Security
  • Updates to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection – Enhanced tools define custom alerts and respond to network attacks. In addition, Windows Defender now links to Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection for a more integrated Microsoft security solution.
  • Dynamic Lock – Users with Windows Hello can pair their computers with a smartphone or fitness band. When the user steps away from her desk, Windows automatically locks the computer for extra security.

Microsoft Cloud Defenses

Microsoft Security Azure Security CenterMost organizations employ a hybrid approach that combines on-site servers and cloud computing. The Microsoft Cloud, also known as Microsoft Azure, protects business data in the cloud from threats. It also offers enterprise-level backup as a service to preserve data wherever you store it.

The Azure Security Center continuously collects security data from all your Azure resources. Combining that data with global threat intelligence, Azure uses machine learning and behavior analysis to detect threats. Security alerts are then prioritized and presented in the Security Center, along with suggested remediation steps.

To prepare for the possibility of attack, Azure Backup facilitates automatic, incremental backups to ease data recovery. Data is encrypted during transit and storage, and multi-factor authentication ensures proper identification before critical operations.

Harness the Power of Microsoft Security

Tailored to your organization’s specific environment and needs, Microsoft security features offer powerful protection for your business data. From efficient software updates to advanced threat detection and response to highly secure cloud computing, Microsoft has you covered.

The experts at eMazzanti Technologies will help you navigate the options available, minimizing costs and maximizing protection. Recognized as one of the top 200 U.S. Microsoft Partners, eMazzanti pairs unequaled Microsoft expertise with deep retail and legal industry experience.

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