New Microsoft Office 2010 3D Case Study Brings eMazzanti Story to Life

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (PRWeb) August 18, 2011 –In the super hero entertainment world, 3D is old technology. Not so in the IT support universe where intergalactic prowess and vanquished computer foes are more rare. A new case study featuring eMazzanti Technologies and Microsoft Office 2010 is now available at:  It uses new 3D videography to add more life to the story. A regular 2D version is also available.

“Probably the first question on a viewer’s mind is: Why 3D?” said Jennifer Mazzanti, president of eMazzanti Technologies. “For starters, it’s a first as far as we know and we are the leaders in our market. Second, it’s fun and draws attention to the expertise we bring to solve customer problems.”

“To be sure, some of our clients do think of us as IT super-heroes when we quickly overcome their problems, Mazzanti modestly admits. “We earn that image every day with each customer interaction!”

Among the areas in most demand by eMazzanti customers are business continuity/disaster recovery and managed print services. Business continuity insures customers not only don’t lose critical data, but that their businesses can continue to operate during and after a disaster such as fire, water or theft.

Managed Print Services is a newer service from eMazzanti Technologies that helps small and medium size companies more efficiently manage network-wide printer maintenance and supplies. The new service also lowers the total cost of print ownership.

400 Customers, 10,000 Seats Strong

With over 400 small and medium size companies as part of its book-of-business, eMazzanti Technologies ranks as one of the premier computer and IT support experts in the Hoboken, New Jersey and the New York City metropolitan areas.

“Collectively, our customers represent more than 10,000 ‘seats’ or computers,” said Mazzanti. “You usually don’t get to that level of service unless you’re doing something right.”

Office 2010 Flexes Its Muscle

The new 3D video features the latest power-house software suite from Microsoft, Office 2010 Professional as it brings together top-of-the-line tools to help eMazzanti stay organized, get connected, and competitive. It also delivers those same benefits to customers.

For that reason, Mazzanti feels very strongly about its relationship with Microsoft. “The success of Microsoft is tied to the success of my business, and in turn, to the success of my customer,” notes Mazzanti. “And, Office plays a huge role in maintaining these critical relationships.”

In addition to the 3D Office 2010 video, Microsoft also wanted to capture the eMazzanti Office story as a featured, written case study. In it, eMazzanti chronicles how Office 2010 Professional serves as the cornerstone of a “best of breed” approach for rapidly deployed, easy-to-use support solutions that spur repeat business and referrals. The case study can be seen or downloaded at: eMazzanti 3D Video Case Study or

“One of the other major benefits Office 2010 delivers to our customers is through the Microsoft Software Assurance Program,” notes Mazzanti. “It makes the constant stream of updates affordable and a perfect fit for the eMazzanti eCare level of service—our fixed-fee, network management  service solution.”

Making of a 3D Case Study

eMazzanti Technologies tapped the movie-making expertise of Galuppo Productions for the unique 3D approach to the case study.

“When creating the 3D Microsoft Office 2010 videos with eMazzanti, we used some of the newest 3D technology available,” claimed Erik Galuppo, president, Galuppo Productions.  “Taking advantage of the newer technology means being able to work with smaller budgets and production crews, work faster, and get higher quality results.”

Planning the video required a lot of attention to the details according to Galuppo. When filming in 3D, there are many rules that must be followed to create a pleasing 3D video experience.

“During this shoot we used a cutting-edge 3D camera which let us have many freedoms most current 3D cameras would not allow. For example, this camera was much smaller and lighter than other 3D cameras. We were able to move and set up new shots much faster, saving us time to capture even more footage.”

The post production editing process was facilitated using a 3D video editing specialist to fine tune the 3D experience.

Galuppo continued: “eMazzanti Technologies provided lots of great content that truly showcased their successful partnership with Microsoft.”

About eMazzanti Technologies

With a company name that sounds more like a purebred, high-performance sports car than a IT support and consulting firm, eMazzanti Technologies is all about delivering powerful solutions such as managed printing services, PCS DSS compliance, computer network management, network troubleshooting, business continuity and disaster recovery, green computing, mobile workforce technology, information security, cloud computing, cloud computing services, and business information optimization in the most efficient manner possible. The Hoboken, N.J., firm is located in one of the most densely populated – and competitive – regions in the U.S. It provides business technology consulting services for companies ranging from home offices to multinational corporations throughout the New York metropolitan area and in three countries. For more information contact: Carl Mazzanti 201-360-4400 or

Carl Mazzanti is Co-Founder and President of eMazzanti Technologies, Microsoft’s four time Partner of the Year and one of the premier IT consulting services for businesses throughout the New York metropolitan area and internationally. Carl and his company manage over 400 active accounts ranging from professional services firms to high-end global retailers.

eMazzanti is all about delivering powerful, efficient outsourced IT services, such as computer network management and troubleshooting, managed print, PCI DSS compliance, green computing, mobile workforce technology, information security, cloud computing, and business continuity and disaster recovery.  

Carl Mazzanti is also a frequent business conference speaker and technology talk show guest and contributor at Microsoft-focused events, including frequent prominent roles at the Microsoft Inspire (Worldwide Partner Conference / WPC).

Carl, a serial Entrepreneur, gives back to the community through Entrepreneur teaching engagements at Georgetown University, the company’s ocean wildlife conservation effort, the Blue Project, and Tree Mazzanti.



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